Free Marketing if you are a good window cleaner

Hi Group,

Just wanted to share this email i received from a client of mine. I cleaned her parents windows last week and those windows were trashed. I don’t think they had there windows cleaned in over 15 years.

As long as you do good quality work you can get huge referrals like this…

Here is the email.

Hi Doug!

I want to thank you again for all the hard work you put into my parents house last week. I know it was intense. This whole house is a project that I get to help my parents on and I really appreciate the work you did on it.

So, believe it or not besides being in the food industry I am the Marketing Director for a local House Cleaning Company called Extreme House Cleaning. Debbie, the owner, had her own carpets cleaned last week for the second time by a gentleman, Tony, who owns a local carpet cleaning company called Shamrock. They got to talking about needing a referral for a good window washer. Well, I had to throw your name out there: you were the only one who responded to my email right away, you were nice, professional and you did a good job. I would recommend you to anyone.

I have looped Debbie on this email so you can be in touch. She has Tony’s contact info. As you know, it is always good for us entrepreneurs to create an alliance of referrals for our clients. If you would like we can have business cards sent to your address (which I already have from your invoice) and we would love to have your cards sent or dropped off (see below). You and Debbie and Tony should talk to get a good idea of exactly what services you offer and where.

Today, 02:25 AM ??? why up so late? Insomnia like me?

You are on your way to creating your own, local referral network! They work awesome, congrats, seriously consider this, and try to get another good professional into your small group of service personnel and the work will come much easier. Networking and referrals are the way to go.

Nice job Dougg!

Way to go Dougg! I love referrals because I already know that I’m getting a serious client not price shoppers.

Pretty much.

good window cleaners are hard to find in my area…

I think that’s the case in alot of areas Dougg. But w/ the interchange on forums like this that can be fixed.

I think that would depend on how much you price the original client. If you have very cheap prices, he might refer you to other price choppers.

i am one of the highest priced in my area, thank you very much…

dougg, buddy, i wasn’t directing that comment to you. Just a person in general.