FREE Screen Magic Day!

Today is free screen magic day at WCR. To receive your free bottle all you need to do is write 10 reviews in our store on products you have used in the past.

Screen Magic 24 Ounce Screen Cleaner

Just honest reviews of what you thought of any 10 products and how it performed for you etc… Once your 10 reviews have been completed post up here that your done.

This will be limited to 10 people

Thanks Screen magic!

I got my 10 reviews. Thanks.

I think I have my 10 completed. Thanks Chris for the oportunity to try this product. I have been reading up a lot on it.

No problem guys! Keep em coming few bottles left…

Posted my 10 :slight_smile:
Glad to have a chance to try the screen magic, if it works like they say I’ll be getting the powdered version and start selling VIP screen cleaning !!!

Thanks Chris.

That was my post #1500 !!!

Another sign I’m getting old in so many ways:P

Hey I think I got my 10 product reviews too. Pretty cool of I get to use this screen magic for the first time =) well thanks Chris for doing this.

i just put my 10 in…

is this offer still valid?

Thanks Guys this is closed now.

Boss, JCA87, Carlos, Jackinaustin, and Kbwc - Thanks for participating. Kate will forward over your information and get your order in the works. Thanks guys!

Oh and thanks so much to Tim from Screen magic for hooking up this great promotion!

Thanks Screen Magic and WCR !