Free Wagtail Rubber!

I’m going to break up a 12 pack of Wagtail rubber today and I want to give 2 people 6 rubbers each.

[B]First 2 to reply to this thread get the rubber. [/B]

Good Luck!

Wow! No replies to a give away, this has never taken so long… Maybe I’ll take it down :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, I want some (ok ok laugh)

I have an 18inch Flipper

let me know if I didn’t win again :smiley:

You just got yourself 6 18" Wagtail rubbers!

Thank you Sir :slight_smile:

NP. Already got your info. Its going out today.


Let me know if I am second?


Yes you are.


PM me your address and I’ll get it out today.

[B]Give away over.

Sorry if you missed it. Better luck next time. And you know there will be.[/B]

A dozen of rubber going to Texas :slight_smile:

That’s a first


Thanks Again

Crap! I need to get a blackberry or drag my laptop with me so I can stay on top of this stuff.

Ooh ooh, pick me pick me!

Hey Alex, received my rubber today.

Thanks a lot

No problem. Hope you like it!

My mailman dropped my wagtails off today.
Alex, Thanks Again