Free Wagtail Set Up!

First person to post “Alex, I want a Wagtail set up!” Gets an 18" Wagtail Squeegee AND 18" Wagtail T-Bar.

PM me your physical address and it goes out to you today.

Alex, I want a Wagtail set up!

Congrats! I hope you like it.

Damm Doug

that took like 30 seconds!

I was just watching your video about it last night, how interesting! nice pic by the way!

DUde I read these forums on my blackberry when I am passing out fliers.

Thats rad!

“Alex, I want a Sörbo set up!”

NP Larry

Dang! why can’t you do this when I’m on!!!
EERG :slight_smile:

awww man. missed my chance at a wagtail

Au contraire, mon frère:

Dont worry there will be more… many more!

Hey Chris, let me know when the next one is coming up so I’m ready :smiley:

Good lookin out Larry!

Matt I will text you 30 seconds prior to any and all upcoming spur of the moment giveaways.

I’m holding you to that!