Free Window Cleaning For Life!

Im thinking of doing a contest for next year similar to what paneless did with his Mac Contest. I was thinking of doing a free window cleaning for life drawing. Obviously there would be certain stipulations like if the customer moves they have to be in our service area, Only 1 cleaning per year etc…

I predict a tremendous response.

What would be the timing of the promotion?

[COLOR=Blue]Wow! Great idea. [/COLOR]

Well thats the catch. I order allot of mailers every year usually in Febuary or March. I order enough to get me through the whole year and for cost saving purposes they are all identical. So I guess it would have to be a promotion starting in March 08 until the last mailer goes out in late November 08. Then I guess the drawing would be sometime in December 08

[COLOR=Blue]My gut feeling Chris is that is too long a time frame and will reward procrastination. I wonder if picking a slow month like August and use the promo to generate numbers would work better? Obviously I don’t know having never done it but just my thinking…[/COLOR]

Yeah thats actually a good idea Steve. Obviously August is slow for all of us. Maybe I can print the promotion on some sort of sticker or label… and just have it affixed to the mailers for the month of August… hmm its got me thinking!

Genius, Chris. I might have to steal that one.

And I agree with the timing too. It must be an URGENT deadline, otherwise its value will be lost!

What kind of offer would you be encouraging them to take advantage of?

I was originally thinking running the promotion for the whole season. I didnt really consider putting an urgency on it… I may have to. Maybe Ill do it for the summer slow down. The whole goal is basically to keep bookings up and book as many jobs as possible.

I was curious being new to WC’ing - when typically are the “slow months”?

My slow time is Feb(the middle of winter) & Aug (end of summer just before school starts).

The thing that would scare me with this give away is that you don’t know what your getting into. you might get a $100 per year house, or you might get a $500 per year house. With Paneless he knew what he was getting into the Mac cost certain amount and that was it.

Were you going to put any limit in your small print about scheduling limits; are the cleanings for just the outside or inside & out.

I may give this a try in May to see if I can drum up some summer work. Thanks for the ideas guys!

Yeah - with the urgency thing: without urgency, the contest will lose significant momentum.

And as far as the “you don’t know how much it’ll cost you” thing, you can always attach terms & conditions. Every contest has them.

Like, for instance : “Maximum annual value of $499.00”, or something like that. I think I would also consider making it “fully-transferable”, so that they can give it away to a friend or relative, and rotate it indefinitely.

I’m not certain I would, but I [I]think [/I]I would.

Long-term excitement effect.

And then ( I can’t believe I’m giving away these ideas for free… ) you could re-structure the contest to be :

[SIZE=“6”]“All County Window Cleaning’s [I][B]$25,000 Window Cleaning For Life [/B][/I]Contest Giveaway!”[/SIZE]

The terms of course, would be up to $500 value once a year, for 50 years, or whatever you want.

I may just have to implement this one now in my market, too. Quite seriously.

ooooo I may use that! I was thinking of a $1500 max in the terms and conditions. I like the fully transferable idea as well. I have decided I am defiantly going to do this. Now its just a matter of the details.

What is your ROI goal for a promotion such as this?

I know you were asking Chris, but here’s my two cents regarding potential ROI:

Annual investment: $500 or less [I]labor only[/I] (so, real cost much lower…)

What you get in return: One very very very happy client who every year will talk about how much they love your company to all of their friends, and who will likely ‘splurge’ on an extra cleaning every year since they’re getting one free anyway…

As for the duration of the contest, I would be surprised NOT to obtain anywhere from $10,000 in sales to $30,000+ in new Residential sales NEXT YEAR ALONE as a result of this contest, depending on exactly how it was administered.

Sweet overall, a brilliant idea, FUN like crazy, and extremely profitable, which is the ultimate goal of any promo.

Lots of other pluses too, and many ways to tweak it just right to make it monstrously effective, but some secrets must be kept, right?

hmm… I would have to say that free cleaning for life is not good enough. I don’t care if you make it $50,000 worth of cleaning. Why not make it $1,000,000? Sounds silly doesn’t it.

Are you using it to get more work? Are you using it in your general mailers or to your current customers?

Like Paneless’s idea about the Mac, I am uncertain what outcome is desired by this.

What is the purpose of this “giveaway”?

Unless it will get your name in the media or add to your bottom line, it is really just fluff. Do something in your community Chris if you want to create a firestorm. Offer a free cleaning for life in the way of a charity event to raise money for a great cause (hello, publicity) Even better, we could band together across the nation and do this in all of our cities (for a common cause).


Don’t make it about you and you is all they will talk about.

Think BIG

I would most likely use it in my general mailers. The whole point being to increase My ROI of the mailer. To increase the response rate of the mailer.

I really don’t believe it will get you much of anything. It is not a great draw if I have to become a customer to get the prize. Too much effort plus it costs me.

Look at that $25,000 mock ad and tell me that does not have cheese all over it. It sounds unrealistic, therefore unbelievable. Let alone a technical person would say “$25,000 worth of cleanings. Once per year at an average cost of $200 per cleaning… is 125 years of free window cleanings?”

Try it and let us know how it does.

p.s. do not count on that one person who wins to run up and down the street telling everyone she uses you and to call you. She could just run around saying she won free window cleaning for life… and that is it.

Even the most satisfied customers can be quiet customers.

CFP, I look forward to your objective responses.

The whole point behind this stuff is that it gives catches people’s eye, and gives them a reason to pick YOUR company over your competition.

That being said, I think you’re on track with that “think bigger” comment, and also your suggestion to focus on something that will generate publicity.

For personal reasons, I choose to avoid the “feed the starving kids” angle, but I can see how that could work well, if done a certain way.

And, like the iMac promo, the ONLY thing it’s about is ROI - and generating trackable profit, so that the whole promo can be replicated if it works. Or, as you said : “Unless it will … [I][B]add to your bottom line,[/B][/I] it is really just fluff.”

Of course, I haven’t done this $25,000 thing yet, but I like it.

I wasn’t sure if the iMac thing would work, either, but it worked great, even though I didn’t maximize its impact, by planning it too poorly. Even still, it cranked out some solid results.

People are bored stiff. Make life a little more fun for them, and they love you.

In my experience, anyway.