Free window cleaning supplies

I have a few boxes of old window cleaning supplies, few dozen channels, scrapers, tbars and misc stuff… Also 3 semi usable wfps… If you can pick them up in Vernon NJ they are all yours… Let me know if interested.

Ill take em

I actually could really use these for the expansion. Tomorrow good to come up?


Only if you promise to take everything :wink: Poles as well

No prob lol

“Semi usable” means “repairable” or “furniture”… or “Gardiner”? lol

Im not eyeing up the poles as much as the channels etc anyways :slight_smile:

Cool Ill see you tomm! Poles are at WCR in the attic and the gear is over at ACWC… let me know what time your coming…

Damn [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION], was just about to book my flight!

I know…freaking [MENTION=3209]SqueegeeNinjaNJ[/MENTION] cutting me outta the loot!


You can come hang out anyway :slight_smile:

[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION], I’ll have to take a rain check… don’t you know that Spring is about to commence!? :cool:

I guess we’ll have to let Chris C. have’m… [COLOR=#333333]@[/COLOR]SqueegeeNinjaNJ I don’t want to see you crying about it later in the week if Mole made it first! JK lol :smiley:

It would be nice to see in person what goes on over there. I say we strap on a GoPro to Chris’s head for a “day in the life”

Mole can’t drive in a snowstorm.

Advantage = - ME!

I have driven in -12 degrees, at 2am in a blizzard in South Dakota. I thought I was Han Solo going into hyper drive. Back up off me.

When I was your age we had to ten miles to school, backwards and through molasses with one shoe…

, and we liked it

I was homeschooled. Georgia public education SUCKS. Thanks mom and dad.

Scruffy lookin nerf-herder.

Wadaya mean “Scruffy lookin”?

Hey I’ll be right up on next plane to Newark!

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