Free window cleaning!

[B][U]Conditions apply…[/U][/B]

After 6 cleans in a year, get one free.

What do you reckon? A big no-no. Or savvy marketing?

I’ve never done any free window cleaning.

I don’t know… Free costs you money. How about a discount?

I know the word, Free, turns heads, but its the same as offering 15%off, which IMO would work better, People are jaded with the Free this and free that, to the extent that most know they will end up paying for it in the long run

A discount costs you money as well.

Unless, in this case, one were to jack up the pricing on the initial 6 cleanings by 16% to cover it.

Theres an idea. But free costs you more than a discount.

Free is a powerful word to use in an offer. I believe it is outdone only by one or two others, like “new” and something else. Maybe its even number two.

I like the idea. Kind of like a customer rewards program approach.

Only time I would ever consider doing any home for free would be if they landed me a major job. Such as 10 grand an up. There house can’t be a mansion either. If there job was around $250.00 or $300 OK. All though I have never done one for free yet. Just my own.

I have been contemplating running a draw this fall for 2 free inside and outside window cleaning in 2009, IF they book a full inside and out window cleaning with me between such and such a date in fall 2008. Just put the clients names in a hat (the ones participating) and have a live draw (sorta like kevin did for a iMac) I’d be hoping the business brought in from these jobs in the fall, could make up for the time spent on rewarding the winning client with 2 window cleanings for free. I figure unless its a huge ass mansion, it shoudln’t be too difficult since most of the hard work is done the first time around that they have paid for.

Just an idea i was playing with, any opinions?

i used to tell my resi clients that if they sent me 5 referrals that they get an outside only for free

And how did that work out?

Ron, my rewards program for my resi clients are as follows: I deduct 10% off the full price paid on a full inside and out window cleaning, for every single new client they bring me (has to be a full in/out job), it has worked out well. They can use their discount on there next window cleaning or save them up, but they have to be used withing one year of their last cleaning. Most of my clients will at best land me 1 or 2 jobs, so not a huge deal. But I do have one client that managed last year to get 80% off her fall window cleaning. It was encouraging for her, and it was giving me more business at same time. Its also a way for some to to get 2 window cleanings per year, pay full price in spring, then get me some new clients through the year, and then get a reduced price fall cleaning as a bonus. Works good and im still making $$$

So if I ran a window cleaning Ad stating “free window cleaning” & then writing “subject to conditions” in the small print - would this be considered 'faux par" or difficulty when finally landing the client & explaining you only get a free clean after so many cleans?

[B]Eric[/B]: I think you need to make the prize more valuable and “fun” IMHO

[B]Karlos[/B]: I think the “fine print” would make people avoid responding because it sounds like a scam of some sort…the more open disclosure the better I’d say…

Thanks Kevin

kevin: yes i think your right about my prize for my “draw” idea.

As far as my rewards program for residential clients, that is something that is mentioned to them with their invoice after they are satisfied with their window cleaning, and it has worked very well for me.

how about asking your customer what it would take for them to hire you as their window cleaner. free screams out as desperate and cheap (my opinion). they may not be concerned about price but are more concerned with flexible scheduling ,quality of work , your own personality, reliability,experience etc… good luck

I think this sounds more desperate.

well I never had to do any for free, so not so good. most referrals I got from 1 client was 3