Freezing point

Since ice crystals form around impurities first and we remove those would that reduce the freezing point of pure water? Just wondering since winter will be here before I’m really ready for it anyway.

no. Also think about salt, that could be considered an impurity and that LOWERS the freezing point of water.

You’re probably right, but not all impurities are equal (in terms of characteristics and how they affect water.)

I got the idea after thinking about Bud Ice. It’s cold filtered to remove the impurities. Then I remembered something our tour guide told us when my wife and I went to the brewery in ST. Louis years ago - the ice crystals form around the impurities first so they can have a purer product. They strain out those crystals to remove them. That means at least in this case the rest of the liquid is still liquid not frozen. It must have a lower freezing point - yes?

I see where you are coming from but no matter how pure water gets, it is still water and will freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. now if you ADD something to the water, this can change the temp it freezes at, but not the other way around

Did drinking the bud ice lead to the thinking about bud ice? :D;)

I thought I was more discreet than that but you saw right thru me.:wink:

The answer I’m most curious about is how many you had before that tour and the tour guide’s talk…

I always thought that pure water froze a couple of degrees below normal. Not that it effects me :slight_smile:

Some in the UK add a small amount of Isoprophyl alcohol to the pure water to drop the freezing point. I don’t know how well it works but its worth a try and seemingly does not rais the TDS

I didn’t think it would lower it very much but I thought it would be an interesting experiment.