French Pane Pricing

What do you charge for “french panes?” I keep trying to get a fair and marketable price.

I have found that at .50 per pane I lose money and at $1.10, I lose jobs.

So, I know my price is in there somewhere. What do you charge?

On commercial I charge .50 per pane side and on residential I charge .75 per pane side.

Biggest commercial job I’ve had so far is 800 french panes so I landed it for $800 inside & out. It helped that I did the building owners house first so she knew the quality of my work.

Steve, do you use wfp on the outs for cut ups?

We charge the same as Mark.

I will be as soon as I get my new system from WCR. I should be ordering it tomorrow and hope to have it installed in my truck and using it by Feb 26th.

Unfortunately I dont have a per pane system. I try and gauge how long it will take me to do and price it that way. At about 80-120 per hour, or if I can get it done in 8 hours, I will round it down to about 500.00. The wfp makes things easy as pie outside, its the insides that are a PANE! HAHA I kill me!:eek:

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Wow, that seems high to me but I have trouble getting more than 1.00 per pane ins/outs. I just quoted a house with 717 panes and priced it at $573.60 That’s probably $185 lower than I should have but I need the work right now anyway.

According to CNN/, I am about 30% less cost of living than Chris so if he’s getting $1.50 for ins/outs then I should be at $1.05. I have a hard time getting work at that price :frowning:

That purchase will help to decrease the ext time and make for a increase in $$/hr. You can also get them w/ a quarterly or bi-monthly exterior clean and make more $$$'s off the same client.
Oh and I charge $0.75 per pane. Most guys around here don’t want to mess w/ cut ups. In fact some call me to refer these jobs.

Per pane or per pane [I]side[/I]?

per side.

$0.75/per pane if exterior only.
$1.00/ per pane if in/out.

I close some, I loose some … if I really need something to do ($$$) I play around with price. I do have a WFP system, but sometimes on first cleanings is not the best way to go.

Also be careful with older windows, and no so old ones too … I’ve had a couple of leaks will using my WFP, small ones, but enough to make my worry.

We are getting .75 per pane on residential exterior cut-ups and mostly use wfp. Interiors are 1.00 per pane. When doing cut-ups, I have found it is usually better to complete exteriors first.

Four french panes = 1 standard regular window. example: if you have a double hung french window with 6 panes on the top and six panes on the bottom, I bid that as 3 (regular doublehung panes). Basically 4 small panes = 1 double hung pane. I have been doing it this way for a long time and have yet to lose my rear on a job-Unless they have triple track storms and the windows are painted shut:mad:


Please explain.

I make it a must to do the interiors first unless the customer just wont let me do it. I have seen old and new windows leak through. ’


Am I right interpreting your figures as .50 commercial in and out and .75 res in and out per pane? Or is that .50 per pane per side and .75 per pane per side?
1.00 in and out and 1.50 in and out?

I charge .67 for each french pane, in & out. [B]That’s $2.00 for three[/B]. I should probably raise that price because I bring in a little more per hour doing regular panes at $3.50 each. I certainly don’t want to loose money doing cut ups, they’re a pane.

You da man Larry! That’s $21.00 for a window in & out that has 6 over 6 cut-ups. I could never get that much for a 6 over 6 around here unless it also had storm panes. (But even around here I won’t do a cut-up window with storms for less than $25.00). I just can’t spend that much time on a window unless it pays.

You’re blessed to be in such a great market with great weather year round. Me & Mary Ella just might want to move in with y’all before too long!:smiley:

I guess my prices were low.

For commercial, I was charging, $.33/per pane per side. I will have to raise my prices :slight_smile:

.50 per pane side for French windows on commercial so $1.00 in/out (Example: 1 window has 12 panes, cost is $12 in/out)

.75 per pane side French windows on residential so $1.50 in/out (Example: 1 window has 12 panes, cost is $18 in/out)