Frequency Discounts

I was curious how everyone discounts for frequency (commercial and store front). Obviously a one time cleaning is going to cost more than a once a week cleaning, so do you have a formula you use to determine what the price is depending on the frequency?

Also, how do you make sure that someone doesn’t sign up for a once a week cleaning for the price break and then cancel the cleaning service?

They get the price break on the second cleaning don’t they?

They get the discounted price when they sign the service agreement. They get the free clean at the end of the term.

I have restaurants who pull this crap all the time. They promise you weekly service stops to get you to clean up their grunge because they usually have someone important coming to visit. Then they usually “forget” the conversation, or claim they didn’t have the authority to make the deal

I wasn’t sure how others were doing it. I figured it was: x amount for a 1 time or x amount for once a week. I do have them sign a service agreement, but wasn’t sure how anyone words it so that the customer doesn’t stop after the first clean. Maybe a phrase that says: We require 30 days cancelation notice. Do you think that would work? Or do most of you do like Tory and just charge more the first time then start the price break on the second clean?

You would think I’d have this down after 2 years of cleaning windows, but I’ve only focused on residential. Since this is going to be my first winter as a full time wc I thought I should stock up on some commercial accounts to help get me through the winter.

I think it depends on the type of accounts you are going after. If you are going after the bigger reputable accounts I don’t think you will have a problem with them setting up a service plan and keeping their obligations. I’ve learned its all about relationships and the more services you do for the company the less likley they are to get rid of you if another company comes by and does just window cleaning or just power washing.

For commercial accounts, no I don’t give discounts for frequency. For residential I do, if they pay for a full year up front for quarterly service I will give them one free exterior cleaning- no matter what size the house is. Potentially a huge break.