Frozen Water Question

Growing up, I was a Bruins fan. Bobby was Number Four! What’s up with your avatar? Do my eyes deceive me?

Bobby Orr attended his first Boston Bruins training camp wearing number 27

Chris is right – you are the expert!

That’s Harry Sinden rookie year as well!!!

Can someone give Bill the recipe for ice…please!!!

I think it’s been established that Bill is technical in nature.

"[I]Ice has the chemical composition H2O, molecular weight 18.016 11.2% hydrogen and 88.2% oxygen, by weight. It is a lattice of oxygen atoms, a macromolecule, held together by curious bonds consisting of a proton and two electrons joining O++ ions, arranged tetrahedrally. The bond length is 0.276 nm, with the proton closer to one oxygen than to the other, at distances 0.100 nm and 0.176 nm. This is a hydrogen bond, an interesting feature of water substance in all its forms.

The crystal structure of ice is well-known, and its properties can be calculated from the known structure, in contrast to water, for which the structure is still imperfectly known. (The normal modes of vibration, however, have not been determined.) Bragg inferred the positions of the oxygens by X-ray diffraction in 1922, and neutron scattering later located the protons. The structure known as ice I, with hexagonal symmetry, is the only form of ice existing under usual conditions. At higher pressures, other forms of ice have been found, from ice Ic, which is cubic, to ice VII, which forms at around 22 kbar (22,000 atm). There is also an ice VIII. The high-pressure forms of ice are of great theoretical interest, but are of no practical importance.[/I]"

I haven’t a clue what you’re on about - is this figure skating?

You trying to be funny? It’s hockey!

Of course it’s hockey.

Chris started it…I’m not really a soccer hooligan. Now where are my Bauer’s?

Thanks Larrry, got a litle extra time on your hands or what? You make me laugh!! Now, I need to go find that darn ice recipe somewhere.

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