As the economy sinks…so do my accounts. marry that with one of my big ones is 90 days late.

“We will pay you we promise.”
We do not know.”

“cut us back to every other month.”

"We sold the property, you will have to contact them."
"We are not responsible for the old owners debts."
Me: sigh.

I am sooo tempted to target resi only for a while.

Dude its like you have been listening in on calls at our office. See around here some many people work in the financial and tech industry. They are getting hit therefore so so we.

I would advise you to target a bit of residential. (quick money)

all of my accounts are residential, except fpr 1 commercial, but they pay every month on-time, the way i like it, sorry to hear that Phil

Sorry to hear that also Phil. I have some issues w/ getting my Merry Maids account to pay on schedule (nothing as drastic as 90 days) and I get a little frustrated by that.

I also have some big money in limbo right now, from accounts that have historically always paid on time…I feel your pain.

I have much more to say about the issue. and i will. Right after my emotions have had their chance to…

suffice to say i am unamused.

Fortunately, I’m adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug, uh, regimen to keep my mind, you know, uh, limber. ~ The Dude

i will never target any commercial customers for this reason.

When I was first planning to start a window cleaning service, I debated for quite a while whether my focus would be commercial or residential. I am so glad that I chose residential. I am pretty sure I would have not survived my first year if I had gone the commercial/storefront route like I almost did.

I actually have found that some residential clients are also slow to pay. No better than many commercial clients actually, so at the end of the day, I dont see a payment-speed advantage with res work.

For me, anyway.

I get paid right on the spot!!!

no problem here

What payment expectations do you communicate to residential customers in light of your slow-to-pay environment?

Is your typical customer not at home at end of service?

What about incorporating Chris’ credit card policy to assist?

I have kind of dropped the ball, and failed to be firm about deadlines and stuff. Always been laid back and patient. So, very loose payment expectations.


I think that is a brilliant idea, actually. I am seriously considering making it part of company policy.

What is his policy?

He gets a $125.00 CC Deposit from the customer when they schedule their window cleaning.

I envisage losing residential customers just as much as loosing commercial in the future.
on as side note I used to do mostly resi but am slowly getting more into commercial.

When the economy is down and the house owner loses their job or is struggling to make ends meet why would they look to have their windows cleaned…?

i wonder would this encourage moreso customers to not pay the full amount?
They may say…“ahh sure that covers his costs for the clean”

Dont get me wrong i think its a brill idea but i just wonder if its giving the non paying customer a chance to not feel guilty for not paying

They will have their windows cleaned because they want to improve, protect, beautify their BIGGEST investment…their homes. Why, because they are spending MORE time there and can see the things that need to be done.
People will cut back on “extras” like entertainment, vacations, dining out and take the money they would spend on that stuff and invest it into their homes.
We have been in the window cleaning bsuiness for 30 years. We have seen hard economic times before and it hardly ever affects our business. When things are good people want clean windows, when things are bad people want clean windows.

The point is he has their credit card on file and can charge it for the full amount when the job is complete.

I do not doubt you, i have not window cleaned through bad times.

i personally imagined they would not spend and clean themselves as after all window cleaning isn’t exactly essential.

i suppose people need something to brighten their lives in a credit crunch and window cleaning could be just that.

Do you think the almost definite coming recession will effect your revenues?
If so by what %???