Full color postcard flyer

Been working on this postcard off and on for the last few weeks. Im happy with most of it. I feel the back side may need a little more tweaking.

Im going to order 10k pieces and want to achieve the best possible roi.

I’ve been doing my own flyers at home. This is my first full color project and want great results.

Does anyone think of anything I can add or reorder to get an additional few tenths of a point on my return?

Looks pretty tight Ryan… I like the hand writing font under your pic… But im not crazy about the other font… Maybe something of a more “headliney” <-- not a real word. “font” at the top of the card.

Let us know if we can give you a print quote on them…

I’ll let you know about a quote. That font was chosen because I wanted a ‘fancy’ kind of look. Different fonts present the card better, but I feel I lose the elegance factor.

Plus, its not the easiest to read without glasses…

Why not simply buy one of Chris postcards from the store with a proven track results and edit one of those.

I think it looks pretty good. I like simple and too the point. That’s a pretty large first mailing. If I were you. I would push out a smaller run of maybe 1000 devided up into thirds of differant cards and track the results. Then move with the remaining 9000. I think that’s the smartest way of getting the ROI and in the end you have something that you know will get you better results.

I like the creative aspect of it. Its fun to do and its a nice way to relax.

The postcards here are good, but are not the style Im looking for.
I like doing stuff like this and

This isn’t my first, but will be the largest. I’ve been scoping out target areas and running small test cards. The final result is a cumulation of the results from previous distributions and feedback from my prospects and clients.

If I learned anything from my first year, the money making season is short. Im gonna get’er done this year.