Full On Awesome - Facelift

The Facelift Phoenix series offers the Pro and X model. Sizes ranging all the way to 40 foot. The Facelift Phoenix X is full carbon fiber. The Facelift Pro is a hybrid pole, 50% carbon and 50% fiberglass. Both poles feature a base section of fiberglass and unique clamping system. The flip up non-pinching clamps are awesome! Facelift also manufactures a line of pure water systems for any budget.

Choose from:

Facelift Phoenix Pro 22’
Facelift Phoenix Pro 30’
Facelift Phoenix Pro 35’

*A 50/50 composite blend with a fiber glass base section

Choose from:

Facelift Phoenix X 25’
Facelift Phoenix X 30’
Facelift Phoenix X 35’
Facelift Phoenix X 40’

*Full carbon fiber sections with a fiber glass base section

Facelift also has systems! Extra add-ons are available that make it even more awesome. The blue tooth feature allows you to control flow, check battery levels, check pump voltage and more. The Power Up Electric Reel is also very handy.

Check out the 8 different configurations available:

Option 1 - Delivery only
Choose from:
85-gallon capacity
112-gallon capacity

Option 2 - Built in DI purification
Choose from:
85-gallon capacity
112-gallon capacity

The Facelift Phoenix Van Mounts is great for those with limited space! It will fit nicely in the back of your van or pickup truck. Just plug in your WFP and get started!

Available in:
92 Gallon DI System
92 Gallon RO/Di System
132 Gallon DI System
132 Gallon RO/Di System
172 Gallon DI System
172 Gallon RO/Di System


NEW Product Video - Alex takes a look at the Facelift Pro up close:

Alex lets us see the Facelift Phoenix Carbon WFP in action!