Gardiner backpack and WFP for Store Front

I have one job with 75 consecutive windows Cleaned 2 times per month. what are your thoughts about Backpack and WFP worth it

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sure with some extra jugs

is it hard to convert the system to us charger and battery?

My thought is it’s not worth it. That frequent makes for a fast time squeegee on clean windows.

Try it and evaluate your times for effieciency.


No . My Friend just bought it. He says it wasn’t

thinking of purchasing back for supplemental for Residential

Storefront? Not worth it unless you have to ladder them.

Residential? Absolutely nice to have.

Hudson is awesome.


Standard storefront: probably not worth it
Lots of cutups/french panes: most definitely a timesaver

When I was still doing storefront, I had 3 or 4 stops with cutups that would’ve been a little underpriced for my liking, if not for the WFP. These stores probably wouldn’t have signed up at my usual trad rates. But with the WFP, I made a little over $100 in under an hour total. And it helped having a truck mounted system with onboard tank