Gardiner Pole Systems

As part of our continued efforts to bring the finest waterfed pole products to the US market we are proud to introduce the Gardiner Pole Systems line of Waterfed pole products.

Gardiner Pole Systems is a well respected company in the UK market, supplying parts for systems, poles, and other components for a number of years. As a direct result of their own experience in the window cleaning industry they have developed their own line of Waterfed Poles.

I was introduced to the Super-Lite pole some months back and after using it in my own window cleaning business we have decided it is up to the challenge of the US market. We have worked out a deal with Gardiner Pole Systems to offer these poles to the US.

You can find information on the poles themselves at the following link.

The poles are the lightest, most rigid modular based poles in the world and we have found them simply a pleasure to use.

With a price of $1900.00 for a 60’ pole weighing only 6 pounds its easy to see why these have been so popular.

Look for a 30’ carbon fiber extension pole from this manufacturer in the near future as well.

If you have any questions about this product line feel free to contact us directly at 303-521-2300.

Looks like a great product…I believe Karlos had some positive reviews about Gardiner in the past here and on other (UK) forums.

Do you know your price point on the 30-footer yet?

Not yet. I do believe I will have that info soon though. When I do I will make it available.

Thanks for your interest.

Yes Larry,
they are good poles. The beauty of these cf modulars are they are very hard to break unlike the modular cf fishing poles I use. Check out the endurance videos below.

You may think this is a little lame to alu poles etc.
But I could just grab mine hard & they would crush. Alex has done a good job on these, its all about the weight. The 60 footer I think is 2.5 kilo’s. More than double the weight of mine - but you get a more durable product.

Having used a 52’ I can attest to its value. I stepped on one section…and it broke. But, it would have bent a Tucker too I think.

These poles are worth every penny and shawn is the go-to guy for them

No one serves clients as well nor better than he does.

I send everyone to him who asks.

We carry this line as well:;jsessionid=C845A627D9B2E44CC996C14C2EFBCCAA.qscstrfrnt04?categoryId=7

It a pretty amazing pole we are going to be getting one for our WC biz very soon!

I see now where my last post landed me with foot in mouth.

apologies to Chris.