Garlic Pole Users

Hee heee When ever i spell it like that i think of lasagna…MMMMMM
I have been using a GARLIC pole for about a month, and the black end cap / handle cover has already bit it!!
What do youse guys use to replace the P.O.S. end cap on your garlic poles??
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Order a new one through them directly although I have never worn one out.

The reach it has a great idea with the medal ends on the their poles

what’s a garlic pole?

Those black handle/grips always tear. Just order a few next time you place an order. Those aren’t of importance to me.

Garelick extension poles available in Wcr store

I can’t see the worth in having to buy a grip every month or more but I hate the feel without it
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Pax, you may find that an Ettore hard black handle will work, we use to take out the Garelick pole handles pretty quick, I have replace a end on a 8’ 3-piece, as well as a former 24’ now a 18’ due to to much spin.

PS. Don’t use your poles as a walking stick.:stuck_out_tongue:

Just what I needed. Thanks!!!
And here I thought I could multitask my garelick as a hiking staff!! Bummer.
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One of your employees is dragging the pole along the ground…
The newer version IS pretty skin tight/thin… but the last one I replaced was 2008.

Been using ‘garlic poles’ for 25 years, and have yet to see an end go in one month.

I’ve been using the Garelick for 15 years, they’re pretty much one of the best poles in the industry. I have the same problem and all I need to fix it with is with a rubber crutch tip that you can see in my photo. They should last an extra long time.

All you need to do is just drill a hole in the bottom, make sure you partially pull your pole open, most tips will stick on well , if not just use electrical tape to tape it…

Chair leg tips work great also and you can get them at most hardware stores…


Crutch tip…

Chair leg tips…

It happens from letting it bang a concrete surface. Garelicks are awesome. my first lasted two years till the day I let someone else use it. New handles are like three bucks.

Also, clean and lubricate with pure water. Keep it clean and it’ll last for years.

Neat idea. I don’t like the feed thru bottom because of that or I am worried about damaging the pole. I know this sucks but both with my gardnier and opti lock I made a larger hole and fed line thru hold on bottom side. For example opti lock when extending with hose fed inside I run it thru the hole on the tip so it has a bit of protection, you know the small loop that some hang a pole on a wall. Not a good idea because it takes a little bit to run the line. Next version will be a cap I can slide on over the bottom with a slot for the hose to pass from the side. Just secure with a strap or clamp to hold tip on. When done, pop off clamp and slide off. Hose and base protected, still center line feed. Large crutch cap, bit of pvc to fit into cap and a reducer to go to larger pvc size. Cut grooves along sides to allow flex to clamp yet large enough for hose. My case 5/16. Unloaded my stuff but when I find it, I’ll post it.

Dam employee is hitting the concrete with it (I am such a bad bad boy… :). )
Can’t help it with my stubby stature.
Crutch / chair tip… BRILLIANT!
H.o.T. - Good info. The garlic Will get a TIP & DIP this weekend!!

Don, just remember to tell your “”[U]employees[/U]"" even though they have a new cap you dont smash it on the concrete or 100 lashings with a wet noodle. That’ll learn them. :smiley:

Great post [MENTION=327]Dangerous[/MENTION] very good info, you didn’t insult anyone’s professionalism and the pictures were appropriate. See you can do it.

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Again! Not done with pot of coffee. Brain block. Need ideas. Do you know of larger rubber tips maybe 1.5 to 2". My WFP cap thing I am making, the cap I had went AWOL. Could use pvc end cap or reduce to fit a crutch end, better option. Thinking Unger optilock pole replacement cap.
Also Mr long Arm has a pole with a curved tip. Are these good poles as well. I would like to turn my unger back to a WFP but with these at 24’ might be a good thing to have. I take it the threads on these types of poles are acme thread so I would need acme to euro adapter, right?

Hey pax been using these poles since I began like everyone says they always rip. What I do is push that black grip up for my top hand , or just a little higher for the bottom hand. Go buy a cane tip they sell them in ace hardware there white tips put it on the bottom of the pole works great . Btw your not going to like these poles in the winter they drive me nuts they freeze up an you have to get heat on them to unlock. Other than that great poles.

Sorry read on a little more an saw dange already said this .

Home Depot has 1.5 and 2" rubber tips, I use them on my WFP. You could get an Unger euro adapter to fit on a Garelick.

An excellent weapon to use against vampires and zombies.

Now I gotta boil noodle and beat myself with it!!!

Could you dip the end of the garlic into that rubber tool dip stuff that you can buy to give your tools new rubber handle? I think it is called plastidip or something

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