Gas prices are killing me

[COLOR=Blue]$3.00 per gal. here now. :mad:

Anyone charging a fuel surcharge? Our city does it at times of high gas prices.[/COLOR]

Dont feel like the Lone Ranger! Its climbing out here in Cali too! Just filled up one of my rigs yesterday…3.35 for “Plus”

When it come to trying to re-coop that portion of expense,i dont add a fuel surcharge,because when it dips back down your screwed. I more or less tack on extra in the pane count or other area’s of the bid.

I feel for you. Your gas prices must be going thru the roof because of sky-high oil prices and your plumetting dollar. Gas prices have increased here too, but somewhat slightly since the Canadian dollar has appreciated considerably. We pay about $1.01 per litre, now or about $3.79 a gallon. We still pay more because there is more tax on the gasoline here.

When expenses go up, always raise your prices. But don’t add a surcharge. We’re not running a charity, we should always be making a good profit.

Gas prices here are $3.04/gal. I talked to one of my clients that run a convenience store and she said it had to do w/ good old supply and demand. The holidays are coming and they know more people are going on trips so the prices are going up. Ain’t it grand:mad:

It’s because oil prices are almost $100.

I just raise my price depending on the area, If I drive far the quote is higher.

I just got a job 50 miles away… I jacked the price up hoping I would not get it and still got it. I raised it another $50 and it will cost me less than that for gas, but I hate watching the needle drop.

I focus most of my marketing into select areas that I can load 2 or 3 houses into a day and save a lot of drive time. I also hate driving :frowning:

That no doubt plays into it some but they can’t explain why it takes 3 weeks for price drops to get here but if it increases anywhere it goes up overnight. It’s all about them charging what they want because they can.

I seen that Chevy has a new Hydro powered engine… let’s see what happens to that