G'day from Melbourne, Australia

Hi All,

Moises is my name, I’m based in Melbourne. I’ve been reading the posts on this forum with keen interest. Hope to learn a lot from you experienced folk.

My business is 6 month old, and growing not at the rate I would desire (too slow). I’m about to mail some flyers next week.
Any tips to increase work/canvassing?

I do commercial + residential + shop fronts. Have been thinking of getting a wfp too. Any advice?

i look forward to hearing from you.

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Welcome, Moises.
I would make sure when you’re canvassing storefronts to always look presentable, as in always at least as smart as other windows cleaners in your area, probably better dressed and groomed.
Converse with confidence, never trash your competition. If the shop owner claims to have his windows cleaned regularly, don’t make a face or some sarcastic remark, even if it’s obvious he’s lying. Always leave a card.
Those are some suggestions.

Welcome Moise.