Get into wfp with good system at good price

Hello everyone-
I’m selling my Reach Higher Ground 2 stage DI cart. It’s the first one ever made…you could call it the prototype. It works like a champ. It’s made me lots of money.
I’m also selling my 24 foot Extel hybrid pole.
Also included is a fresh DI cartridge, unopened, new in box.
I’m selling these as a package for $1300. This is $900 off what you’d pay for them new. See pics below.
Contact me if you’re interested. Post any questions you have here in the thread please.

Hey John,
I know you said you are selling them as a package but if you decide to sell them separately, I would be interested in talking to you about the pole.

Why are you selling?

I’m using my system often enough…and sometimes in high TDS areas…that I want to purchase an RO/DI system.
As for the pole, I have a 56 foot Facelift pole. I recently made a modification that makes it easier to drop sections from the Facelift, so I won’t be using the Extel much anymore. The Extel is solid and I love it…I just don’t need it anymore now that I’ve modified the Facelift.

Well I’m sure you’ll find a buyer for the entire set but in case you don’t - look me up on the pole.

hi john,

i just joined the wcr forum a couple weeks ago and really like all the information, especially on the wfps. i have been in business 11 years and starting to research wfp idea. i may be interested in the di cart and pole you have for sale. im waiting on a bid for a huge condo community. i bid it out at traditional method techniques but if i could pole it then my profits would really soar. the condos are a ranch with a walkout so i think 24’ would be perfect. thanks. talk to you soon.


The very first job I did with this system was a 2 story, 16 building condominium complex. I made $3360.00, and did the job solo in 3 days…and that was my FIRST job with the new system. I could bang out the same complex in 2 days now.