Get Your Direct Mail Questions Answered!

Hey y’all,

So if you haven’t had a chance to watch the screencast I did a month or so ago about direct mail, I would encourage you do to do that. It’s about 10 minutes long, and worth it, I hope. Click HERE to watch it, right now.

I’ve been working on the next Direct Mail video, in which I’ll show you specifically how to address your cards, I’ll explain your different postage options, and talk you through all the basics of preparing your cards for the post office. If you want to ship 8.5 x 11 cards for 14.2 cents apiece, I’ll show you how to do that.

Most importantly, I want to answer your questions.

What confuses you about direct mail? What are “the basics” that you feel like don’t quite make sense?

I’ve had a couple of great phone calls with some WCRA members over the last few weeks, taking their questions about this… so I know y’all have questions.

Post them up, and I’ll answer them in the video. The video won’t be helpful to anyone without YOU helping me!

I really appreciate your help with the addressing the other day Michael. I got the pieces ordered and everything setup with my local post office. It was nice to know that I didn’t have to print different routes on the cards since they are all rural carrier routes.

Just watched the video and that was really helpful as I’m just starting to look into direct mail. Thanks keep up the good work!


Finished up the informational part of the video… want to have a section answering y’all’s questions.

What’s keeping you from doing direct mail? What confuses you about it? Don’t be afraid to ask a “dumb” question.

Do you not understand postage? What the USPS requires? How to do addresses?

Help me help you.


Can you touch on doing direct mail with regular postcard size mailers? Is it possible to get the lower bulk mail rates with these or do they have to be flats?

Great question! Yep, def will touch on that!


Great video Michael!!

Thank you! I have enjoyed doing all the research on it.

Figured if I’m gonna become an expert at anything, this would be a good start!

What about direct mail rates for non saturation mailing. I have a very targeted list of customers that I want to mail a jumbo postcard to - but it won’t qualify for the saturation rate…any ideas?

Great Video Micheal. I’ve done direct mail before. But it cost the mess out me. I’m pretty busy with the internet advertising I do. But I want to take it to the next level. The saturation mailing (.14 per piece) is where I want to put the bulk of my advertising dollars the next few months.

Michael - Just released part 2 of this video, and its only to be found and viewed on the inside of the WCR window cleaning association members area. Members log on in and check it out…

For those new NON WCRA Member - there is a great post going on inside the WCRA window cleaners association from a window cleaner whos WCRA direct mail pieces that came free with his membership are booking to much work for him…

Thats right to much work folks, what a great problem to have :slight_smile: