Getting clients to schedule for 2019 season

I started my window cleaning business 2018 june, me and a friend started the business together we knocked on doors and delivered flyers for a week straight and got about 3000$ worth of sales booked for the up coming week. I completed the work with 1 worker while she continued to sell around me. We did that for the following months up until august, and than we waited for fall and did some eavestroughs cleaning. so from june-november we managed to get 120 customers and potential customers in total not all of them booked but we have all their info in our files…

So basically what Im asking is basically how do i get the 120 customers that i obtained from last season to book for the 2019 season thats coming up… Do I email them… what do i say in the email can someone give me a template example? Do i call them? if so what do i say to get them to get the service done again? when should i email them, or call them to remind them?

How do i get them to book in advanced so i can fill up the schedule for a month of work ahead so i can focus on marketing and flyers while i got two guys doing the work or supervising them?

Going into 2019 season i will have a website i upgraded to door hangers instead of flyers. I am on google maps and i have some reviews from previous customers…

Sorry for the long post i know its all over the place, i just have so many questions nobody to talk too, I can’t find any help on google. So i would really appreciate if you guys can give me some help and some advice to be better this season. Thanks in advance guys.

Call them. Introduce yourself, reminding them of the last cleaning and ask them if they would
like to get on the schedule for Spring time. Could also send a reminder postcard. Email works too but it’s not personal enough for me.

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Call: you will learn lots about your company and service. Will take time. Will uncover jobs you would not without calling

However; you are training them

Email: might not get as many jobs but will save you tons of time.

Probably a mixture of both and if you have an office worker they can call 250 clients in day “easy”

I would call them.

I would send a text or email them something like this .
Hi Mrs smith , hope all is well. This is ____ from ______ window cleaning . If you like to get on the schedule for March , April or May please let me know because we ten to book really fast for spring window cleaning . Thank you and hope to hear from you .

I like this because it doesn’t make you look desperate for their money . If you don’t hear from them call them around may and ask if they like to book for June July and August. Unfortunately a lot of theses clients where probably one and done and won’t hear from them . But keep in contact with them and even if they don’t want their windows done maybe they can refer you a friend or neighbor

thank you this means a great deal to me, im going to try something out like that will send it out march 1st. what should the subject line be? so they actually click the email and read it.

Title it spring window cleaning

I wouldn’t sent it if the 10 day weather forecast looks wet . I would wait till is nice and sunny , but don’t wait too much also

Spring Window Cleaning ! Your last cleaning was

Dear Mrs Jones
your last cleaning from us was 7/12/18. We are booking now for April & May please let us know if you would like to get on our spring schedule. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks & have a great spring !

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