Getting New Accounts ?!?!

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Hi Matt. Glad to see a newcomer post. I’m like you, I love commercial accounts. I love the simplicity of the work. The easy scheudling, making money all year round, and the lower maintenance (not having to call first, remind, follow up too much, etc).

I wouldn’t want to give you advice about your working situation, since I’m not in your shoes. But if you are able to find a way to spend more time canvassing, you will grow your route.

One piece of advice I would give you: You mentioned that you have a lot of $10/month accounts. That seems to indicate to me that you cover most of your commercial just once a month? why? Many restauruants and stores need to be cleaned more frequently, some even as often as once a week. The most typical schedule would be bi-weekly. There are others on this forum who schedule once a month because their bread and butter is residential and they don’t have time to service commercial more regualarly. But seeing as your goal is commercial, go for bi-weekly or weekly jobs.

Why make $10/month when you can make $40/month? You’ll find when you go for more frequent window cleaning your efforts to build up your route will speed up.

If you find your time is limited, do your jobs and focus on the new stores opening up, hopefully you are in an area that has some turnover, and when you see a new shop opening up and you go for it quickly, your chances of getting them as a new customer is much higher.

You might also want to look at your pricing too. As a bare minimum you shoud be pricing at $1/per pane for the exterior glass. I’m experimenting with higher pricing, but I found I could grow a profitable route at $1+ per pane.

Hope this helps.



I think you’ll find that all those questions can be answered by spending some time surfing this forum. Use the “search” function, with those terms as keywords.


One thing I may suggest: Charging high prices almost always requires peripheral support from your marketing materials. Trick out your marketing machine, and you’ll get away with charging more $$ far more often.

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