Getting pure water

Where do you get the tanks to convert to pure water?

Where and how do you get refills for the DI Tanks?

What is the most practical way of doing it?

I am thinking of using a WFP and am trying to understand the situation.

You can go to WQA, water quality, NSF certified, certification, filtration, contamination, lead, reverse osmosis, RO, softening and click find a professional.

That will show you a list of companies in your area that are into water purification/supplies.

Call them and ask them if they rent mixed bed DI tanks.

You will need them to offer regeneration if you want to rent. This is the process that cleans the resin and makes it reusable.

You can also buy DI tanks and loose resin and refill them.

They are available from WCR.

You could also get one of these -


Thank you.

Is it difficult to refill the tanks?

How long will the resin last if not used promptly?

Here’s a video -