I think i read a thread from CFP a while ago how he tried GG4 again and had a change of heart. Well today thats what happened to me. I found my half used gallon of the stuff and decided to give it a shot on my three jobs today. First off i snagged a extra baby bottle and some teaspoon and tablespoon measures from the kitchen to measure it correctly. And what do you know. The stuff worked insane. It was hot today and it stayed wetter longer and cleaned up easier. Better than the ivory ultra that ive been using. I guess you just have to find the right mixture.

On a BAD note, I ate it really bad off my ladder today. Slipped on a rung and fell flat on my back, knocking the wind out of me really bad. The thing that saved me was doing a “break fall” that i was taught in Judo a long time ago. It cushioned the fall a bit. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE GUYS, only takes one slip and you being fed from a tube the rest of your life.

Sorry to here about the fall. Hope your ego is the only damaged thing.:wink:
Glad to here your enjoying the GG4. I love the stuff and can’t imagine going back to dishsoap.

Now you just need a float bottle:

Who’d be holding the tube?

Perhaps there are two tubes.

Are there two mouths?

Two ends.

Get water fed pole system, no need for most of the ladder work you do.

Your risk, your money, money is worth more than life ??? you think and agree you need to change your working habits :smiley: wfp can stop your hazards you choice not to use it for what ever reason “I guess(hope) you have no kids”


He just picked up a Little B.

He does have a wfp.

There is some jobs that you can not use a wfp. esp first cleans ya know???

thats exactly what the situation was, first time clean. That need to be scraped and dialed in. I DO have a wfp and i do have a child.

Glad to hear your ok though, a friend of mine fell less than 10 feet, hit the ground just right and now is in a wheelchair.
I have a child too, and it makes you think twice about alot of situations. I take way less risks than i used to now that i have little Ethan.

I hate GG4. I use Palmolive and always will.


I hate GG4. I use Palmolive and always will.[/QUOTE]
Why do you hate GG4? Does it have anything to do with little Ethan?

It does not sud up on the glass, so you cant see what you have squeegeed.

A problem for some; a benefit for others.

If that is your only reason, why not simply add a small amount of Palmolive to GG4 for sudability (I think I just made that word up)?

Why even use GG4 if you are going to add Palmolive???

You stated that you hate GG4 due no suds, leading one to believe that you use Palmolive due it does sud.

You did not state that GG4 does not provide cleaning benefits and ease of detailing, nor did you state that Palmolive does provide cleaning benefits.

I’m surprised you didn’t already know that.

I also use dishsop (dawn), but open to using other things. what would be the benefit of adding GG4 to dish soap, which already has great cleaning power, glide, and suds (for those of us who preferr that)?

Didn’t know what – I was discussing Doug’s lazy review of GG4 (“I hate…”)

If you reread my post, I made the suggestion, based on Doug’s suds theory, that he add Palmolive to GG4 (not the reverse, as you state.)