Gift of gratitude

I was thinking of sending my resi customers who have been with me for over a year a free “gift” as part of my marketing strategy.

Just something memorable, something small that would thank them for their custom.

Basically the idea behind it is just to keep them happy and to have them talking about how lovely it was to see that their w/c appreciates their loyalty…you get the drift.Generate more business due to their feel good factor.

Do you think it’s a god or bad idea?

What sort of small gift that would cost under 10d-15d would be suitable…?

Something thet’s monetary value would not be calculated by the customer…just a small thoughtful token showing my appreciation

I was firstly thinking of a bottle of wine which i could drop in to them myself and have a chat, but then again some people are funny when it comes to alcohol nowadays so i don’t want to insult any tee totals.

Would a fruit cake do?
The more i think of this the more it seems corny though
Maybe the whole idea is bad…i.e. a window cleaner should remain a window cleaner?

Any advice is welcome

Any gift suggestions are welcome

How many customers are we talking about? What’s your budget?

About 50-60 real good customers who give me good work at least 4 times a year.

I would probably be prepared to spend about €750…about 1000usd.

So about $15 pp.

I’ve used fake money detector keyring torches & mobile phone booster stickers - they went down well. I’ve been trying to find a company that make sunshade screens (with my logo) - but to no avail.

I’ve considered pens & lighters but nahh…maybe you have something unique to your area that’s needed?

magnetic business card/calendars are great and we also send out Christmas cards every year.

How about a free car wash from a mobile detailer???

They are unique alright…dunno about the sunshade screens going down well for my area:D

Ye i think pens are out of the question…too corporate.

i wasn’t even thinking of something branded, i don’t want to seem like i am just plain advertising/promoting.

Noise pollution Earmuffs anyone?:smiley:

Why don’t you just give them $$$ off their next cleaning? Thats what I would want. Just send them out a letter thanking them for being loyal etc. and a let them know that to show your appreciation your giving them XXX amount of dollars or whatever it is that you use over there off their next job.

What about a gift card to some restaurant? In the past I have gone to this place near my office and picked up these flower bouquets made of fruit. those went over really good but hard to pass out. I have also given out American flags, calendars, coffee mugs, gift cards to the ice cream shop, gift cards to the movies, flowers…tons of stuff. when I do things like this I like to do stuff based on the customer. stuff I think suits them. you get to know some of them better than you think and the little things like a personalized gift really shows your attention to detail.

You could always do what Kevin does & have a raffle for a computer. I think he’s raffling a condo in Jamaica for next years event.

why not a gift certificate to a common shopping place…

OK COOL, some good suggestions…keep 'em comin

I’m gonna call it a night…2 am here

True, with a nanny.

Seriously, though, I used a Starbucks card approach with all of them, but made them do something for it. Here’s a little video coaching lesson I made about how to do the same thing:

Because that is not a thank you gift. I give these “gifts” to thousands of people every week, and most just throw it away they are called fliers. We get coupons in the mail from all kinds of companies and the only ones I care about are the free pizza ones.
I think a thank you should be a thank you and that’s it.

yeah, I don’t see how magnets are thank you gifts either…“Oh, thanks for the magnet, I’ve been desperately needing one!”…NOT…lame.
Over in Fl I’d give a Wal-Mart card…Why? Because you can buy gas, food or other house hold things…serves an all around purpose and everyone just about shops at Wal-Mart…especially at like 1am in morning:confused:

Ye i agree magnets are great but i was thinking something that is a gift and just that.

With the wal-mart card they may think you have some sort of association with wal-mart, or patnership agreement…i don’t know if that would be seen a good or bad thing though.

Buy 'em a pint of Guinness Rob & be done with it :smiley:

  • we’re paying €5 a hit over here now.

Outstanding point.

Buy something that fits well with the target demographic you’re marketing to primarily. I would never give Walmart cards to my clients, because of the connection with “we’re rolling back our prices”, unless my whole WC company was built on a “lowest price in town” premise.

I market as upscale and thorough and professional, so I picked the Starbucks card as an easy approximate fit, though to be honest, I should have spent more time picking a more luxurious and exclusive kinda gift…
“Have you tasted the new ‘Testaverde Chicken’ from Waterfall restaurant lately? WOW. I had it last week, and when I asked to compliment the owner personally, he thanked me and told me it was only available until October 15, 2008. You have GOT to taste it…let me buy you one!”

That would have been better, but hey - we do what we can, when we can, how we can.

I think this is an outstanding type of offer to your (and some of my) target, and a terrific idea!

Mmmmmmm, Testaverde chicken!