Girls Night Out

Ok here is my situation. One of my customers Is putting together a [I]Girls Night Out[/I] for about 75 women in this community. She has asked me if I would be interested adding to their goody package for all of the women. 75 prospective new clients. I told her i would be honored to do this. He is my dilemma… How do I go about this. Not a cold call. Not canvassing. Do I put together a Intro letter for these ladies. Or design a flier for them. I have a couple of weeks to do this. This is something I have never done before. Looking for some insight. I do this customers house and her business. I want to come up with something good that will make a good impression.

I was thinking about something along the lines of a Intro letter. Personalize it a bit. Thank the customer for asking me to do this.

Girls night out can be a ton of things. Do you know any more about the event? is it going to be like a avon party or is it a night out for dinner and then off to the club? I would make up a half intro letter half flier. stick to something classy with maybe a nice script type font. Use a nice grade paper, off white to give a little added elegance? For me it would really depend on the type of “night out” they are going for. I think of a few things when you say girls night out and none of them involve window cleaning. Did your client give you any more details about the event?

Sorry about that. A little more info would have been nice huh. This is a collection of women that are part of a group that meet a couple times a yr. They have dinner catered in. It is a group of women in my community that meet and discuss anything and everything. They are business owners, housewives. Younger and older women. It is a social function.

Have you read Kevin’s book? He mentions doing this type of thing and he actually has a nice video about doing this too. I have tried this before and it does work. Get online to M&M’s website. Find where you can order personalized M&M’s. Put a unique little message on the candy and your name, or business name, and attach the goodies right to your letter/flyer. Give them a little bit of chocolate for after dinner treat. Sure to impress. Takes less than a week toget them in the mail. I had mine in three days.

here is the site

I agree. For some reason women can’t stop eating chocolate. My wife tries to get me to eat it all the time. I’m not a big sweets guy. But heck if my wife went to a function like this and someone gave away free chocolate with their company name on it. I know she would never stop talking about great an idea it was. I know the MM thing also has other candy you can give out. Also I believe Dove Chocolate does this.

Yeah, I like the chocolate thing, too.

I’d say ask your wife for some input, too.

I’ve been married only 9.5 years, but I’ve realized that only women know women best!

I am so biting my lip.:smiley:

we are probably both on the same page. I couldn’t say what I really wanted to either. Girls night out to me is uh uh uh way different than a dinner party.

We got M&Ms for the 2 yr olds birthday…we put he photo on the m&ms. The moms loved it aand thought it was cute. So i cant imagine they not gonna like it as well if you do it. You can get them personalized any way you want but try not to put too much on one m&m cuz otherwize everyone is gonna need magnifying glasses. Good Luck!