Give me Shelter....One Window Cleaner's Flight from the Sun

Well after too long soaking up as much solar radiation as my poor epidermis could handle, I am fully committed to protecting myself.

I am making a confession. I have forsaken the natural, and have jumped with reckless abandon into the nebulous waters of performance enhancing fabrics. It’s like the end of an old era and the dawn of a new one. Like comparing Babe Ruth’s performance to Barry Bonds.

I’m not proud of what I’ve done, but am cool and sweat free.

I don’t even have to worry about tick bites and scratches on my legs from squeezing through rosebushes in the pursuit of a clean window.

And as much as Banana Boat hates to hear this, I am able to drastically cut back on their goopy white sun repellent.

If anyone is interested I can post some links on where I got my gear. And I am looking forward to other sun busting strategies you guys are employing.
Give me shelter… One Window Cleaner’s Flight from the Sun - Window & Gutter Cleaning (508) 944-7953

lol great blog Jesse. haha

Thanks, Michael. Do you rock the high performance stuff?

I thought, at first, that the silky light weight material would get trashed doing hard work. But I was wrong. Nylon is amazingly strong stuff. I keep waiting to rip it, but it won’t budge.


Nice look! Here in S GA It is bad as well, not nearly as our AZ friends right now, so I have decided to start early in the day. I like to be on the first job site by 5 am and call it a day around lunch. I have to fight the temptation to work until 5pm but it gives me a chance go door to door or to hang with the kids in the afternoon . Does anyone else start early?

Where in GA are you? I’m in Savannah, and it is hot as balls here.

I’m not out in the field too much Jesse, so no… I pretty much just try to stay inside!

Hey, you are crazy man, but got lots of ju ju!

Yes, post links. I sweat so much and get rashes that can put me out of commission.

Shirt: Columbia Men’s Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt: Clothing

Pants (Columbia Cool Creek convertible pants shorts):
Columbia Men’s Cool Creek Stretch Convertible Pants Shorts Olive Green $65 00 | eBay

Hat: this isn’t my exact hat but same concept

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap Sun Hat | Video | Reviews

[COLOR=#333333]“Yes, post links. I sweat so much and get rashes that can put me out of commission.”

I get that too. I used to not be able to wear a lot of synthetics, makes my skin break out… I miss you polypropylene. The new high quality clothing out there now is made using micro fibers, and even nanotechnology so it’s a lot smoother and more hypoallergenic.

They can even embed jade into fabric for cooling: “[/COLOR][COLOR=#353535][FONT=Helvetica Neue] Embedded with microscopic jade to actually cool your skin”

[/FONT][/COLOR]Men’s Armachillo Cooling Summer Shirts, Pants & Hats - Duluth Trading

Btw, I am not getting any $ for promoting any of these companies or products.

Just stuff I find interesting and possibly useful to folks sweating their butt of on a ladder like me.
[COLOR=#353535][FONT=Helvetica Neue]


Thanks, bud.



Thank you for the share. It is a topic we should be aware of that’s for sure

I have been using pants like these for awhile.Academy - Magellan Outdoors™ Men’s Backcountry Zip-Off Belted Pants Not the Columbia brand. But Magellan found @ academy sports. They are a little cheaper in price.
Though i did look @ the Columbia yesterday. As was needing to buy a new pair. You can rip them i finally got a small one a month ago. I ended up buying a pair of Columbia pants.

I need to work on wearing a hat. But when i have sweat pouring off me. My head is saying that’s the least of my worries :slight_smile:
Bull Frog for sunscreen. Comes in spray can as well. But i forget sometimes. Especially since i am majorly tanned. Only takes me a couple days in the sun. But being part N.A. helps.

Strictly wear Under Armour heat gear shirts. I pay more for it. But i also swear by it. I don’t get the cotton type. Tried those and they are not as good. The best i have found for me anyway. Is fitted,regular,compression
Men’s HeatGear® Fitted Short Sleeve Crew | 1209053 | Under Armour US
Men’s HeatGear® Flyweight Short Sleeve | 1236402 | Under Armour US

With the heat the way it has been his week. I had my shirt fully wet. Especially on my all day job Wednesday. But it’s been 112 to 116 with the heat index. Adding of humidity into temp. It has added 10 to 12 degrees based off 63% to 80% humidity.

I also tired the boxer’s based off a friends rec. Told me he swears by using them as well. I was a little hesitant at first. Dang expensive @ 22 to 29 per. But I saw a hung difference and i swear by wearing them now!! I don’t go out in the heat with out them on!!!

Have some of these Academy - Under Armour® Men’s Mesh 6" Boxer Brief

as well as these Academy - Under Armour® Men’s HeatGear® Sonic-Printed Compression Short

Cheers John