Giving Detroit a rest

I thought I’d give Detroit a rest this week. The United States has Detroit, but New Mexico has Gallup.

I was talking with a customer and they’re going to open a chinese restaurant location in Gallup. And during their recruitment tour, the Nissan dealership had a special: buy a new car and get a free sheep! He was like “whaaat?” and turned around to check it out. Sure enough they had a pen full of sheep on their lot.

I just shrugged and said “Hey, they know their audience.” My only question is: are you going to offer sweet and sour mutton? I’d drive out to Gallup to try that.

The natives (Navajo, Zuni, Hopi all up in that area) love their mutton. I’d drive out to Shiprock and there’s a ton of food trucks (not those types of trucks - these were f150’s with the tailgate down and a portable stove going) selling mutton all up and down the main drag. Mutton and coal.

So, welcome to Gallup.

It’s funny, as I read, I almost pictured, pic #2 as “The Food Truck.”

I was [B]waiting[/B] for a truck with some live sheep in the back…
“Self Serve.”

As far as the Detroit comparison… Sheep ain’t got no money, yo.
Ain’t no sense in shooting THEM.

Interesting combo. I don’t know if this is still the case, but when we used to travel south to visit Florida back in the 70’s, all throughout GA and I believe SC there would be these signs for Firecrackers and Ham.

Yeah, but if you had the opportunity to load up on 100 lbs of ribeye, what you gonna do? Same thing different culture.

On the rez, Mary had a little lamb… but grandma butchered it.

There’s a coal mine out on the rez and everyone has sheep. But I have no idea how you’d go about picking one sketch food truck over the other sketch food truck right next to it. You probably have to know the people selling the food.

But hey, coal is coal.

FYI travel tip: If you find yourself in Santa Fe looking at indian jewlery skip that noise and head out a couple hours to gallup. You can get some wicked awesome jewelry for rez prices. The Navajo’s are probably some of the greatest artists I’ve seen. Sand paintings, jewelry, whatever.

FYI Shiprock: I probably drove by this place who knows how many times and had no idea it was a restaurant.

Almost forgot to acknowledge this part…
Guess “value” is relative…

(That was GOOD…“same thing, different culture.”)