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I don’t know if anyone has seen this:

Its a blog about glass related issues, but this particular post is about the fabricating debris problem. Dan Fields, and Gary Mauer have good comments on it.

I read the article, I read the comments. I’m just left shaking my head. How can such a huge industry not take responsibility for what is really their problem. It would be one thing if they gave a solid alternative but they don’t. They just suggests some window cleaners have used alternative (but dangerous) methods.

And then you have the real scary scenario of any future window cleaner (long past CCU) coming along a getting a whopping fab debris disaster on his hands.

I know as window cleaners we can get signed waivers to allow us to use razors and have some protection but I believe we also have to get more pro-active and come up with alternative (non-hazardous) methods to clean hard to remove debris. And yes, we’ll have to charge a premium for it.

Honestly, I think the glass industry should get Dan Fields to work for them in testing labs or something.

I believe there wont be a snowball’s chance in hell that ever happening

As i previously mentioned i’m on the TGQ “tempered glass quality committee” for the IWCA and the letter we’ve been working on is indeed getting around.

Of course…we’ll have to wait & see what type of response we get from our good folks at Gana?

Thought you folks might like a taste of whats happening;)