Glass Building Facade

I’ve given a quote for a set of twin 2 story office buildings and they want to know what it would cost cost to do the Glass Facade as well. The Facade is identical in size as the windows. I was thinking about charging 50% of my per pane cost since I would’nt be detailing and spending nearly as much time as I would on a real window.

Sound Fair? What do you charge?

Remember - there is no such thing as “fair”. Charge what you’d like to, and present the estimate in the most persuasive way possible!

Can u post pics?

I dont have pics yet. I may get some this weekend. The standard window sizes are about 4’wide and 5’high (estimate). The glass facade is set the same way as the windows with 2" frames all around. If it was dusk and there were no lights on the inside, the windows and the facade would probably look indistinguishable.

Ive never done glass facades before (or a single conmmercial job this large for that matter:D) so I was wondering what other people charge for cleaning panes of facade compared to identical windows.

We would charge them the same price as a ‘regular’ window, since they require the same amount of work.