Glass gleam glide vs Sorbo squeegee glide

Hey all,

I just got a bottle of Sorbo Squeegee Glide in today by mistake instead of Titan labs Glass Gleam Glide. Does anyone know the difference between the two? If you’ve had experience with either of these please let me know!

Going to experiment with GG4 on the liquidators and the Sorbo squeegee glide until I get the GG glide in!

I personally like the Sorbo Glyde better than the Titan labs product. I would like to experiment more with the Titan labs though. Sorbo Glyde works great though.

For me I don’t see the Glyde being necessary. Especially if your using GG4. The only time I don t like GG is when I have a house that’s all divided lights (French panes). That’s when I through in some dish soap. That’s only because I like to fan French panes.

Great, thanks for that! The only reason why I ordered the extra glide was because I read from a few others that the Moerman liquidators have a bit of trouble with them since they are so slip hungry, would’ve been happy otherwise to ditch dish soap in hopes that GG4 would further improve the end result!