Glass Prices In Your Area?

Hey Guys. I’m new to the forum but have been in glass restoration and w/s repair for 16 years in beautiful NJ. Just curious what the cost of glass is in your area and very interested in the cost in my area??? Tempered, laminated, insulated units, plate and bullet proof. This would be helpful in estimating a scratch or grafitti removal job. Called a local glass shop in my area and was pleasantly surprised with the prices quoted as follows–plate-10.75 sq ft and 19.00 installed. 3/4" insulated unit 31.50 sq ft installed. 1/4" tempered 22.00 sq ft glass only. laminated 26.00 sq ft glass only. I hope you’re sitting down for 3/4" bullet proof----min 200.00 sq ft… Don’t know if this particular shop is high or low on pricing but would like to know if this is a ballpark range for pricing. Would appreciate some input… Thanks guys.

Sorry, I am oblivious to replacement costs, myself.

Based on the lack of response to your question, I have a feeling I may be representative of most members of the WCR community.

sounds about right. I dont know the prices on laminated and bullet proof. I deal mainly=in the insulated and that about right. If you look hard you can find it cheaper. but not by that much

At GlassRenu (SF Bay Area) we use the basic costs per square foot of $25/square foot for tempered (1/8" Thick) $20/Square foot for basic plate glass and $15/Square foot for Mirrored glass. These are the numbers that we averaged around our area, but I know that there is a lot of variation based upon location. I always recommend GlassRenu users call around to at least 5 glass shops in their area and get the same windows quoted, this allows for an accurate average and helps to normalize any market variation in your area.

How long have you been restoring glass?

Guys, thanks for the replies. I thought this question would be helpful to all. To answer your question Cody, i’ve been doing scratch removal, water spots and some other crazy stuff for about 8 years. By the way you look very young. Are you sure you’re old enough to post on this forum??? Also, i like your shades…

HAven’t needed it… yet.

Where in NJ are you?

hey chris, i’m in manalapan. we’re almost neighbors…

I went to the Manalapan Prom in like '96 lol, not neighbors, but close :slight_smile: