Glass Sealers

Hi Guys, I did a quick search on glass sealers in the forum and the results were not exactly what I was looking for. So my question is: have any of you used or had real experience with glass sealers ? I had a customer request a " Rain X " type product that would keep his windows clean longer. I have only had this request about three times in 20 years. There are many products on the market that claim to do all kinds of wonderful stuff with many price points. Any experience with this would be appreciated. Thanks !

I just started a detailing company along with windows. Customer wanted windshield back and front polished. I called Mr. Hard Water about their sealant I use on window restoration and they said it’s great for auto glass. Name of product is Envicoat. A little goes a long way.

Ben is right, the Envicoat is a great product. You can apply Envicoat on exterior glass or shower doors, just be sure to clean and remove any stains first. The small 8oz bottle will cover aprox. 600 square feet and depending upon the abuse the glass takes, it can last months or longer. Also, I recommend the foam application kit, spreads the product well and makes it easy to apply.

You can check it out here.
Applicator Kit

Here is a great video by Jeff Flint, the inventor.
Part 1. Envicoat Glass Sealant - How to Prevent Hard Water - YouTube

Envicoat works Great, When I do Hardwater Stain removal shower enclosures and windows I use it.

Just make sure the glass is absolutely clean no residue.

Thanks to all who gave feedback ! So it’s my understanding that after you apply this product it will not streak the glass or leave smudges ? I was also wondering about a price point or what would be a customary charge for this service ?

I started sealing glass for the first time and used mrhardwater envicoat, very easy to apply.

Has anyone have anyother recommendations?

I have a friend that has been sealing glass for years and he recommended liquid diamond - CRL Clear Liquid Diamond Hydrophobic Protective Treatment - Step 2

its pricey but he said over the years the liquid diamond performed the best and everything else was inferior especially if you are in a rough climate with high winds, salt air, humity etc…