Has anyone that uses glassrenu found that the small polishing disks disintegrate by separating from their Velcro after only a small amount of use, I’ve used other products for along time and never had this problem before.

I have little experience but I did have that problem - it was with a cheap kit from China. Glassrenu is expensive and I’d ask them for compensation. The yellow sponge pads should stop heat making the velcro weak - sounds like bad quality control or a fake.

Yep I’m onto it, the money that I spent for a full pro kit doesn’t justify re-ordering again. Over all the cutting power of the kit is great and the larger pads last way longer.
I’ve used Glass-polish brand for ages and had great results, I think with there 4th generation pads they are hard to beat for the money.
Glass renu are in my eyes too expensive buying out of America, by
the time you whack shipping and customs excise on top of the order.They need to give international buyers a better deal

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While you’re parked here Andy - what do you think of these training courses for scratch repair? I think the first one is part of the glass polish brand.

I emailed both of them asking about their courses but no feedback yet. Did you take a training course in NZ?

I know of the guild of glass polishers as I’ve had a little interaction with the admin asking various questions I’m sure there course will be exactly everything you need to know.Glass polish also do there own training both courses as I understand are in the UK.
I’ve not had any formal training and am self taught.I have thought about going back to UK and doing a bit of training but I don’t know how much I’d gain from it, I’ve been doing this 10 years on n off.Its the business side of things here in nz that can be hard.
Maybe il do a road trip.
This is a great forum, if you have any questions just hit me up

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