Gloves for winter time

I know it may seem a bit early to be talking about winter, but I’m hoping to be more prepared this year, rather than get caught out like last year. Does anyone have any suggestions for what gloves work well with window cleaning. I was looking at those sealskinz gloves, has anyone used them?


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neoprene is your friend

Ironclad Cold condition down to 30 deg. Then Ironclad Cold Condition Waterproof below that. NOT the type sold at Lowes etc. Use s dealer, or ebay.

I’m not crazy about Sealskinz. For down to mid-upper 20’s I’ll use Unger or another thin smooth neoprene glove. Below that, I like Glacier Gloves with a lining. They’re a bit thick, but keep you going.

I like Aleutian Gloves when it’s kinda cold. I tried the Unger Gloves which are very similar and they did not hold up as well as the Aleutian gloves. You can pick up a dime with these gloves on. When it gets really cold, below 20 I switch over to Glacier Gloves because they are warmer but the dexterity isn’t as good.

Don’t forget to buy a tube of Aquaseal when you order your gloves. Window cleaning tears them up pretty quick and the Aquaseal patches them up.

Hey Dan.
I think we were writing our posts at the same time. I agree with you.

Our people including myself like to use Youngstown Glove Winter Series. I like to pick up a liner to use with them. They keep your hands warm with out sacrificing the dexterity you need when wheeling a squeegee in the cold months.

I use Sealskinz. They are great for dexterity and theyre pretty warm. they cant be submerged in water though.

I like the glacier gloves

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If you can’t put your hand in the bucket to rinse out your sea sponge what good are they. I used a pair for one hour and threw them in the garbage can. Useless. IMO

We used the Hydroskins last year and really liked them. HydroSkin Gloves - Gloves - Apparel - Extras

Ditch the bucket and you don’t need water proof gloves.

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Great suggestion Jay but I’m also a storefront guy. Sometimes I don’t get back to my truck in the parking lot for four hours or more and I need the bucket to rinse out my strip washer and sponge.

Thanks for all the suggestions :slight_smile: especially the above one, what a great idea

When I did storefront I carried my solution in a one gallon water container, much better than carrying two or three gallons of dirty water in a bucket.

I started out doing strictly residential with no buckets, when I did storefront for fish for almost a year I hated using the bucket and rarely did.

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When I did storefront I carried my solution in a one gallon water container, much better than carrying two or three gallons of dirty water in a bucket.

Do you attach it to your belt?

How did you keep your scrubber clean? Continually changing the water in the BOAB?

No it had a small bucket like handle at the top, I would have a 24-30oz squirt bottle(not a spray) on my belt. I’d set it down just like you would a bucket, then either refill my squirt bottle or poke a hole in the gallon top with a screwdriver and have a giant squirt bottle.

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If you give the scrubber a couple good taps on the end(like a hammer) that straightens out the fibers, squirt it with clean solution and your good to go. I never really use my BoaB to hold solution. I’d have a smaller squirt bottle on my belt. I’ll post a pic of what I’m using now(residential only).

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