Gloves for winter, which work best

What kind of gloves work best. We have used the cheap jersy gloves and put doctor’s exam latex over them, since I had a customer give me boxes of these expired gloves because she can’t sell them to doctors.
They help, but for a short period, pain from the cold still hits the hands until we use them for a while, especially when climbing the aluminum ladder or pole work in the cold.
I have tried a $18 glove that was a little bulky but warm, but when we got sweaty in it a few times it grew a nasty smell that would not wash out! Someone said that we should have had a liner in them.They made your hand smell so bad you could not hold and eat a sandwich, unless your sinuses were stopped up!
I am in Ohio and I know some of you guys have colder areas to deal with.
So tell me what works and I need a X-Large for my son-in-law. (big Hands!)
Thanks for any input.

I’m using the new HydroSkins from WCR right now and am extremely impressed w/ them. HydroSkin Gloves XLARGE - Gloves - Apparel - Extras
They allow me the dexterity I need to do my work and keep my hands warm.

yes I own these too, highly recommend them

I use a heavy duty dishwashing glove with synthetic liner. Both are cheap and and I have a bag of each to use. Not for the extreme gold though.
For getting the stink out of synthetic materials, get a bin and mix warm water and baking soda. Soak the gloves, jackets…whatever over night and then a run through the washing machine. Brand new again, until you stink it up. Great for rain gear that smells like a combination of BO and fish.

Yep the hydro skins are our best glove seller…

Gloves, sealskins, neoprene | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

Our guys like them to…

Ironclad 424-CCG-05 if it’s down to 30 or so (tough enough for rapelling). Ironclad CCW-04-L (with this model you CANNOT pull the liner inside out when you pull them off, like the expensive Duluth or Youngstown gloves, or other Ironclads) Cold Condition waterproof breathable gloves, when it’s below 30. These are NOT the same line sold in Home Depot stores, although those cheapies say Cold Condition. Look online using those part numbers. I’ve worked through 17 Ohio winters, tried most, and prefer these. One pair of each, and each guy is set all winter. Hope that helps. Even have a label space to write each workers name on 'em.

Thanks Steve, do you have a link where these gloves can be found?

I have unger neoprene gloves and the first time I used them I could feel water coming in between the fingers on both gloves.

When it’s below freezing you should have mittens like these.
Eskimo Mittens these are great and mitts are always better then gloves when it’s cold. WCR doesn’t sell them but if you want a link I guess I’ll pm you.

wow mike. those look like oven mitts! lol

Naturally the first thing you’d think of is baking a cake, LOL:D

We use the Glacier Glove from WCR … they are nice because they are waterproof and not too bulky. However my hands still get freezing cold!!!

Chris I was going to call you about the Hydro Skins - they seem small and very usable. My main concern would be if they could be warmer than the Glacier Gloves? My long skinny fingers do not get very good blood flow when the temps are in the low 20’s and colder.

Suggestions anyone?!?

We use the hot packs in the gloves. I put them on my wrist inside the gloves so that the blood flowing into my hands gets heated. I also recommend not immersing your hands in water when it’s cold no matter what type of glove you use. The solution is well below freezing and will quickly pull the heat out of your hands.

Thanks Tony, I ordered these gloves thanks to your recommendation and others that have supported it. They arrived today,Wednesday 12-08-2010, I like the look and feel, and I can tell the dexterity will be much better than the old thick neoprene gloves I had a few years ago. Tomorrow we will get to try them out on a large 2 story farm house, maybe 4 to 5 hours in & out with three people. The temp is predicted from 9 to 12 degrees at start time warming to a balmy 25 by 3pm,Ha,Ha.
The cold aluminum ladder and wind chill in addition will give the gloves a real test.
Thanks for your help!

lol nope not a big sweets guy. I would use those to pull my beef brisket and tri tip off of the grill my man.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.