Go ahead, pick on my website!

I’m just curious and want suggestions on how to enhance my websites, so don’t be bashful but don’t be untactful! Thanks.

window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, chandelier

I’d recommend switching to a theme that has better support for phones & tablets,…

I didn’t spend much time on the website, but I’d trust anything [MENTION=600]Njones[/MENTION] has to say.

I came here to say this: I love your name. It makes more sense than you may even realize (maybe you already know this)


mid 19th century: from archaic squeege ‘to press,’ strengthened form of squeeze.

My thoughts

#1 Color scheme is a little distracting yellow/blue @ header verse one color

#2 Social media icons to small and i would put them on sidebar L or R get bigger icons and place in main.
( but that’s more what i have i have myself ) So take it or leave it.

#3 To many slider’s in gallery. To me this make it way to busy and distracting. Commercial properties in store front category as well as what looks like REZ.

#4 circle residential clicks to No where!! on service page. Others click to gallery.
Me: I would expect to see a page talking about residential etc…

#5 I would make a service page and add residential / commercial / store front sub pages. With links in services page.
Talk about each service with links to other info such as gallery.

Last but not least i probably would drop some pictures on home page. Too many IMO

Drop slider or pics @ bottom and add a little more info.

Me: I would probably would take out pictures of ladder’s laying on customer’s front steps. Not the first impression i would want to give.

Just my .02 anyway

Some great info in this thread already. Just a couple of more quick things, for your consideration:

  1. Something weird happens in the menu when you click it item… it sort of disappears.

  2. The facebook link is broken, or your page doesn’t exist yet, or something.

  3. There is a bit of a gap on the Testimonials page that isn’t very design-friendly. (See image below)

  4. I like your story in the “About Us” page, but you could make it even more personal by introducing yourself. Tell the customer your name, and a bit more about your story. Their comfort level with you will be helpful, I think.

  5. You don’t have ResponsiBid installed on your site, so customers can get an Instant Bid!!! :wink:

Ditto on the menu… ditto on the other stuff too.

Oh, nice slide in on the Responsibid. Very smooth. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions. Definitely will make something changes.

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  • Makes me ‘squint.’

  • The circles turn into ovals on your services page. (you should use images in those ovals/circles to give some contrast)

  • The color theory works… in theory.
    But the choices are bad- you should use a darker blue and less yellow/orange.
    (and get rid of the cartoonish neon blue at the bottom)

  • “[COLOR=#383838][FONT=open sans][B]Are You Over Cleaning Your Own Business, Office, or Storefront Windows?” [/B][/FONT][/COLOR]:confused:
    Cringe on so many levels.
    You are over using caps in this section, compared to the rest.
    Go ahead and bold it if you like, but your point of asking if they are “over it” is tacky.

  • you aren’t 22 talking about your ex-girlfriend, you are asking me to spend money on your service.

I use a template from WIX. I’m assuming one template, the one I use, and most will show up similarly on tablets/cell phones, that is the supoort is not there. Would I have to use another website host for better tablet support?

Okay, I figured out how to customize the mobile version of my website some.

You may already be set with your host. But I would look @ blue host

They have site builders for wix , weebly etc . Wordpress plus concrete 5

Myself I have done a complete migration to Concrete 5 .
Because I can edit the site in a web browser . I chose foundation 5

Look for a responsive theme for Wordpress or concrete 5 . Built for mobile.

Weebly may be easier than wix.

I started with weebly , easy and fast to build. Mobile site sucked tho.
You will be limited with these !!

Ranking, etc… Tho I got to middle of page one with weebly. It took a lot of work.

Wordpress or concrete 5 will serve you better in the long run.


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Yes weebly is easier then wix.

My weebly site is on page one in my (small market).

Customers say the mobile app looks good.

Thanks for the good info in your post. Checking into concrete 5.


Well that’s great yours was good with mobile. Mine (home page) especially was really bad.
Probably because i had my font size larger for easier reading. i think 24pt verses 18pt.

Concrete 5 has taken some getting used to. But in the long run, i see it’s ability to outshine what i had before.
Gallery with Pinterest was easier in weebly. Just had to figure out, the right block to use in gallery for foundation 5.

WordPress or Concrete 5 themes are much more responsive and have greater ability IMO

Cheers my friend , Hope all is well with you !!!

@freshlysqueeged1 Hello from Wisconsin! Now, since we service some of the same area, I’d say, “Your site is perfect!!” But I’m here to be friends and help a guy out. The design flaws are in the theme and poor use of the slider. Go to themeforest.net, find a good $40 responsive theme that is well documented and with nice template options - BeTheme is a good one, learn how to install and make changes. Install yoast seo and get some keywords on your site!

Your reviews and testimonials on angie’s list are great - you already have more reviews than a lot of guys out there! Put those reviews online - more on your home page. Use your pictures better in a slideshow. Put your photo from the contact page up there first.

Again, research SEO. “Your local window cleaning” to me sounds like someone who knows they’re serving multiple areas, but doesn’t want someone to think “well, he’s from the next county over…” You’re in a great location where few qualified people service. I’ll go as far as Menomonee Falls and Bayside, …maybe Cedarburg and Theinsville. So position yourself as “Northern Metro Milwaukee’s Window Cleaner”.

Take care and I’ll be sure to send you some leads if you’d like! Feel free to send any thing too far south or west my way :slight_smile:

[MENTION=4249]ViewRenew[/MENTION] Thanks for the advice.

Which website host do you use? I keep hearing bad things about WIX and am looking to probably change my host but obviously keep the domain name. Thanks.

[MENTION=4249]ViewRenew[/MENTION] Which website host do you use? I keep hearing bad things about WIX and am looking to probably change my host but obviously keep the domain name. Thanks.

I use site5.com. Extremely affordable and they bend over backwards helping you and to solve you problems. A few of the people I talked with for support are ex-godaddy employees who didn’t care for their structure. Site5 also lets you choose server location which can reduce ping times and faster load speeds for local searches. Meaning, when your site is hosted in Phoenix, it takes longer for the site to load here in wi compared to it being hosted in chicago…

Very informative comment. Wix’s server hosting my domain name I believe is out east somewhere, say New Jersey or something. Maybe that partly explains why my website doesn’t show up on a google search unless specified by freshlysqueeged. I will definitely look into it. I noticed your website came up on around the 2nd or 3rd page after searching “Milwaukee window cleaning,” so I thought I’d asked. Thanks.

[MENTION=37314]freshlysqueeged1[/MENTION]. Every little bit helps when it comes to websites and SEO. I haven’t focused much on it yet, especially Milwaukee. Just be sure to take care of the little stuff first, like laser focused SEO for each page’s title, description and content. Don’t duplicate anything anywhere. Carve out a niche in your area and work from there. Don’t expect one page to rank for 10 cities.