Go Payment users?

does anyone on here use Intuit GoPayment so you can process credit cards using your smart phone?
I was wondering how the pricing for this service stacks up against using something on a website like paypal etc as far as fees and monthy charges etc. it looks like it’s $13/month
it now works with android phones. and you don’t need the card swiper attachment. they also have a bluetooth printer so you can print a reciept which is pretty cool.

Mobile Credit Card Processing made easy with Intuit GoPayment

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I started using it this year and I was very happy with it.

It all depends how much CC transactions you are planning on taking. If you are not going to be taking that many, Square would be cheaper and that’s a really slick app.

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I don’t know about Jeremy but I had alot of fees I wasn’t told about beforehand charged to my account; the first 60 days was supposed to be free, they were charging me something like $29.99 instead of $19.99, and there was a $60 application fee if I recall. None of this is disclosed though and it says on the Intuit site there’s no setup fee, which is misleading. I called and they admitted they were incorrect, and said they would refund it all. I got half back and had to call again a few weeks later, and they apologized a second time and refunded the second half. I really kind of felt like they were purposely trying to rip me off at that point.

BUT, it’s really convenient to have and works very easily. I really like the program. The fees were $19.99 a month and you had to do at least $20 worth of discount fees…which are around 2% of your processed amounts. So you pay at least $39.99 a month. Not awful, but still at least $20/month higher than paypal.

I’m switching to just PayPal next year because I won’t be on site anymore and I think it’ll work just as well.

excellent info guys.
I wonder how companies get away with not disclosing all the “fees” before hand? it seems like this is false advertising.
for example cricket phones. they tell you it’s $55/month unlimited service.
but when you buy it it turns into $58 after taxes, then on top of that there is fees for paying your bill. $2 online and $5 at the store…then the roaming is .25 a min.
turns into about $68 a month average for me. kind of bs if you ask me. it should be $55 like they advertise.

Why are you guys using services like paypal or card readers for your phone if they are charging on top of the 2-3 percent they take per transaction?
We use Chase bank for our checking and they set up our CC processing for free when we opened the business account…Doesn’t cost a cent to to set up. We except the Visa , Mastercard, AE, and Discover. We only pay around 2 percent.Don’t need card readers. When you invoice or call customer for payment just write down there card number and expiration and then call an 800 number to run it. They actually have an option to purchase a reader for like $100 but I havent found a need for it yet. Unless you are running 100’s of transactions per day like a retailer would it doesnt make sense to buy the reader or pay the extra fees to use it.
talk to your bank. They most likely have a way to get you set up at little or no cost.

also we email all our CC invoices

Is there a monthly fee on top of the 2% fee per transaction?

None at all…

I have never been a fan of sending my clients to a third party to make payments(paypal,netbank, etc). When we looked into accepting credit cards people tried to sell us all kinds of gadgets costing anywhere from $100-1500 .All not needed unless you are running many cards every day.We run all our cards the next morning and the funds are available within 2 business days( just auto transfers to our business checking account) and takes me about 15 minutes to run 4-5 invoices.
By accepting CC’s we have increased our business by at least 30% and people dont balk as much about price as well as are more likely to purchase add on services.

the fees are 2-3% plus about 30 cents. and $13 a month.
not like it’s a huge expense.

does any of your customers feel uncomfortable about calling it in or just writing down their card number etc before you leave the job?
I never asked a bank about their service. I figured they would probably be the highest. but it sounds like that’s false.

and to be honest, from what I’m hearing phones are very unsecure. unlike a computer is now. and they are still getting hacked.
I don’t want to put my customers at any risk outside of the norm. and one other thing that worries me, if you read the terms of service for intuit’s online quickbooks it stores info on unsecure servers in other countries.
makes me a bit nervous about processing cards with them.

We use the Square reader. It pops into my iPhone headphone jack. Apparently they have it for Android and Blackberry phones too.

The reader is free unlike the reader that your bank can provide. They charge $.15 per transaction plus 2.75%. It’s not so bad. Like was mentioned, it’s not like you’d be running 100 transactions per day. It just adds a little extra convenience for your customer. The reader ships free and is free. No contract, no monthly fees. Plus the customer gets to sign their signature on your phone screen which is just plain cool. The only con that I can see is that because it’s so small I can see not loosing it to be an issue.

Was just checking out there site. Seems pretty staight forward and simple enough. Thanks for sharing Ken.