Going on TV

Hi All, I am sick of trying to get more work by normal means, flyers, news papers, Yellow Pages, internet.
So I am thinking of biting the bullet and placing a add on the TV
So has anyone of you thought or done this before?
Did you business excel?
Was it worth the cash?
I do mostly commercial work very little domestic
I abseiling, wfp, and pressure clean and high rise building maintenance.
I would appreciate your input

We got a bunch of free tv spots this year for free. Well sort of we did the tv producer / station owners house in exchange. We got 3 jobs from it.

Not worth it, in my opinion. If I would have paid for those spots we would have lost out big time. I don’t know your local market though so I cant say for sure it wouldn’t work for ya.

Since you are targeting commercial work I’d say flyers and newspaper wouldn’t be your best bet, neither would a TV AD. Most commercial accounts are acquired head on, face to face with the decision maker of the business.

I havent done TV but have done radio with no result at all. Mine was also free. If Chris didnt get anything out of it, I would definitely take that into consideration as he is able to see and use good advertising methods.

From what I have found in researching it, is that it does work, but it takes a while of those ads running for people to remember and start calling. Look at the ads durring the superbowl. Memorable, but still dont recall the companies, except bud, and travelocity…still dont drink bud and never been to the travelocity site. I suppose if I was a traveller I might check it out.

Stay away from tv

It [U]will[/U] fail

TV sux
a Billboard sux
a sky writing airplane sux

Future INFO for everyone.

Not the messages?

In my opinion…

The only way it could be worth trying is if you engineer it to drive people to do a certain thing, like visit your website, to download an awesome free report (it will have to be really awesome) or something like that. In other words, make it a tool to lure/drive people into the first step of a permission-based campaign.

That way you can track the results fastidiously and build a relationship before you ask for some money.

It would also have to be aired on a TV station that your target market watches and likes.

Thank you all for your valuable input
I will take this onboard I made enquires today again, and although the cost is high the area covered was too big Australia is such a large place I don’t think I would get the return for my investment. I was just going to cover my target area but it works out 5000m2 miles that my local channel covers.
I would be covering places that I wouldn’t be able nor want to cover so it’s back to the foot work tomorrow morning and Golden Squeegee your right about knocking on doors it’s the only way I get work apart from recommendations’.
I have just got my new flyers today as I was going to do this anyway so I am off this week to market my self.
Thanks again for your input

In an ironic twist to this thread, I was interviewed today, and the special consumer report ended up being shown tonight on the 6 o’clock TV news.

Weird, eh?

You can watch the youtube video by clicking below:

Interestingly, I’ve received 2 new email requests for estimates in the 2 hours and 18 minutes since the news ended.

Hey Kevin, pretty cool.

I think it’s a ripple effect, I just got a request for a quote
an hour ago too! :smiley:


Correction: 1 hour and 18 minutes.