Good belt for WC?

My Justin belt has become too flexible, time for a new belt. I am considering a concealed carry version with a stiffener, what are you all using?

I’m using a Uncle Mike’s Sentinel duty belt and I love it.

Currently using an older 3” leather tool belt. It is thick and stiff, which helps hold up my equipment. The Mrs has a 2” nylon belt and it is too flexible at times.

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This is what I use. It’s not soft but it’s heavy duty and will last forever. I never have any issues with it hurting me when I bend down.

And it doesn’t pop open and dump all your gear on the floor when you bend over like a standard window cleaners belt. You have to have a gut to know what I’m talking about. Ha Ha

I like this one. It’s a husky belt. Got it at Home Depot.

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Have the same belt. It’s time for a new one though.

How long did it last?

5 years maybe. Just guessing don’t remember
The outer belt on the one you have looks better than the one I have.

How you making out this week with the cold front ? We’ve been lucky so far. Next week looks good

I’m doing my glass on the second half of this week when it warms up. My new belt is much easier to buckle with the extra large holes. My old belt is the one you have. Five years sounds right to me.

I didn’t like the padding because it gets sweaty in the summer. Real sweaty!!!

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