Good day on the phone

Wow! This morning I called around 20 builders. 4 of the biggest commercial construction companies in my area and 6 new home builders are now my clients and will most likely become repeat customers! Two of the clients are in the process of building multiple schools and nursing homes as we speak!
Better get round to purchasing some more supplies…

cool! how do u pitch them?

Well done! Make sure to get a waiver.:wink: Also there is a waiver for the builder to the glass supplier you could give them. Shows you’re not trying to pass the buck but put the blame where it belongs.

Simply this:
“Hello, am I speaking with Bob… Hi Bob, my name is Nick Goddard and I run a locally based window and house cleaning service. I was ringing to ask whether you have any projects that need cleaners for the final construction clean.”

If they say no, a bit because they could have jobs they havent started yet.

From there I usually tell them I can email them our info and tell them that when they are ready to give us a minimum of one weeks notice.

I think it is important to let the smaller companies know that you are local because most of the time the builders from that company are also locals.

I’ll suss out the waivers tonight.

Well done man, congrats !

Where are you located ?

MODS :we should make mandatory to fill location and name on signatures,don’t you think ?

lol, I don’t even have my name there :smiley:

The east coast of Australia

Nick…bear in mind to try and get some sort of up front payment prior or during work as if these guys go bang or cant sell the development (which is very likely in these times) and have no cash, you will be the last person to be paid.(though i have to say australia seems to be booming at the moment, unlike everywhere else)

This scenario is happening alot around here at the moment…developers who at boom time were worth billions now cant sell their million €€€ developments so have no cash, are going into liquidation and no-one gets paid for the work…then in turn these contractors(people like you and me) go out of business as a result.


Good point. It seems like a logical thing to have thought of…