Good Day!

Had a good day today.

Me and some of my guys went and did a nice job for a lady that is selling her house (regular customer), and she informed me that they are moving to a new neighborhood, (where I do a ton of Houses), and their next house will be about twice as large with double the windows. :). She said she will have to get them done quick.

Then I went out and bid on 2 Houses, (got both of them :))

Then I came home, and my wife went out and bought 10lbs of hot boiled crawfish!! We sat out on the Patio with the cool breeze blowing and ate crawfish while my 2 daughters played on the hammock. :smiley:

No matter what people say, Life can be good when you want it to be!!!


I agree with that 100% The choice to be happy and successful belongs to us, and us alone.

Congrats. Savor it…

That should keep you coasting for a little while…

That’s great Charlie! But crawfish? Are those [I]really[/I] good?

Today wasn’t so bad for me either, even in the rain. I sold quite a few jobs in the mall while it was raining too hard to work.

Then while at a red light this afternoon a lady asked me to roll down my window. She asked me if I cleaned house windows. I was like, “you bet I do!”. Her husband called me when the light turned green. So I’m going tommorow afternoon to give two estimates on the lake.

Things are halfway starting to pick up!

Yea im wonderin if they’re any good myself… never had em so i cant really talk. They look a lil strange tho. Well i for one didnt work. Had Too much to do for our trip this weekend. ( Plus like micah said - the rain ) So im behind already for next week…

Are they any Good???,

Man these mud bugs were slap yo mama good. :smiley:

After I ate the first one I had sweat on my brow, after the 3rd one I had tears in my eye’s, after about the second pound, I couldn’t feel my tongue anymore, I could just taste the flavor, and mmmmm mmmmm, they were great!!!

If you’ve never had them, you just need to get past the fact of what part of them you are eating, where they live, and what they look like. After that it’s all coasting all the way to the etoufee!! :cool:


I used to have this crawfish smothered chicken thing at Copelands (a New Orleans restaurant)

I’ll tell you what brother, that was some good eatin. In fact in the top 3 things I have ever eaten in my life.

I don’t know about steamed crawfish, I need mine in sauce :smiley:

What is it with window cleaning? It is difficult, dangerous when not done right, we freeze to death and get heat stroke on the same day, and when we are not doing it we miss it!

I only miss the dough…

That’s cool to hear things are going smooth… Is always nice when days seem to just fit together.

That’s cool to hear things are going smooth… Is always nice when days seem to just fit together.