Good friends on TV tonight

Many may know this…many may not…I used to do comedy magic for a living. My main gig for years was cruise ships.

I had a cruise director friend who did ventriloquism. he and his wife were always a big hit.

Bob and Marty Hamil. Anyway, we all got off of ships and did other things…but he has been in TN for several years working The Comedy Barn and another theater.

They did a TV show for CMT…I forget the name of the show (Outside Inn?) and it airs tonight at 8:30 PM CST.

If it is anything like his old show…it ought to be good.

// and Marty Hamill - YouTube

That is him…and her…and all of them.

TY for finding that. It brought back some memories…

why am I window cleaner?

Phil is there any video of you doing magic?

I hope not.