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I’ve been pondering Google Ads to help keep the schedule full after the holiday season wind down. I’m ranking at the top of the organic searches for window, gutter, and solar panel cleaning in my area, but still experience lulls in January and the summer. I’m wondering if I should seek help with my campaign or if it’s not as complicated as I’m making it in my head. Some tips or even links to good reading would be greatly appreciated.

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Google Ads is tricky in spots like this. one thing you have to remember is that there is only a finite amount of searches coming in at any given time. In May, the floodgates are open, but this time of year it slows down drastically. People are only going to find you on Ads if they are actually looking for you.

What I do: I run Ads in the busy and semi busy times of year. In the winter its more or less pointless if you live in the north. However, I would use this time to set up a killer campaign that you can pull the trigger on whenever you wish. First 60 degree day, let it fly and make your adjustments weekly.

This time of year, and in late summer, the better money is spent being proactive and put yourself in front of people rather than waiting for them to come to you.


I understand what you’re saying Chris. I’ve been on the fence on whether to market heavy in the slow periods or the opposite. We don’t encounter inclement weather here in the Desert but the demand definitely declines when it’s hot. I’m on that tipping scale of needing to hire and want to ensure that I don’t have to do layoffs. Of course I don’t want to shell out cash if nobody is biting.

I re activated my google ad because the weather was going to be good for about two weeks. I find it odd that i had 4,000 or so impressions and only 7 clicks in the first two days. Sometimes i feel that google ad click baits for your money, sometimes even makes phony calls and hangs up. What are others experience or opinion? Do you think they scam you?

I don’t think they scam you but it could be anything really.

Check this company out if you suspect something’s off.

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Thank you @Chris!

Your targeting could be off. You may be showing up for a lot of irrelevant keywords and in a lot of erroneous areas.

I’ve always preached that its not about getting the most clicks, but getting the right clicks.

Oh yeah, and if you’re running Ads Express, stop it. Express is garbage.

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Thank you! im gonna see what the problem is. Whats the difference between express? And whats wrong with it?