Google Adwords E-Mail Scam!


Today I received an e-mail form google adwords telling me that my account has been inactive for the last four months. They go on to tell me they they are performing account maintenance and I need to login to rectify the situation.

Clicking the link takes me to a login page that looks exactly like Google. However, I’m skeptical and go back to my e-mail, copy the link address and paste it into Firefox and Firefox tells me it’s a a security breach.

Can anyone else try this link in Firefox or another browser. I’m sure it’s a scam. The e-mail says some need to add funds to their account. I’ve never added funds. They just take the money of my credit card automatically.

here is an image of the original email I got.


Firefox takes me to a page with this message.

I received the same notice weeks ago. I have never had previous communication with Google Adwords, so it was easy to determine the attempted fraud.

googles url is

not www.adwords.ggogle.whatever and

you have to check the url real closely