Google Calendar Real Time Sync!

We recently released a new feature into that’ll allow you to sync up your google calendar with your calendars in The Customer Factor, so for those of you who use google while you’re out and about on the road, this feature is for you! When you’re logged into your account please mouse over the […]


Steve, Thanks for telling everyone about this great feature. I’ve been super happy with it, since I got to start using it a couple of months back. It’s a huge time saver! I can’t wait for the next great feature… The Customer Factor App!

An app would be amazing.

Google calendar feature is nice. When do we get an app, and more customization on estimate and invoice forms?

I get an error message at the end:

Error: redirect_uri_mismatch
The redirect URI in the request: Login did not match a registered redirect URI

Edit: Nevermind. I had to remove the “s” from https.