Google Chrome

So far- I like it.

I’m using it as I type this. Not bad, been using it for a while.

My only gripe is that you can’t set Gmail as the default email client.That doesn’t make any sense to me…

I used Chrome in it’s beta stage - it was fast but content was missing or un-useable on web searched pages. I’ve now switched to Opera & its by far superior. One thing with alternative browsers - make sure you get the add-on’s, otherwise video & other content will not play, or stops & starts. I found this with my blog & now have a big sidebar telling people to get the add-on’s - usually adobe air or other flash add-on’s.

Just downloaded Opera last night, so far so good!

[SIZE=“5”][B]I LOVE Opera ![/B][/SIZE]

Ive been using it for six years now. Almost as long as I’ve been using a computer.

To search for a word in a webpage, simply hit . , (thats the period button) then type and it highlights all qualifying words in real time (even before your finished typing the word).

Another invaluable feature is the notepad. hit F4 and select ‘Notes’ (if not selected already). Just type in the box and it saves your notes. Click in gray area to start a new note.

I also posted on here a way of getting 40 or more speed dial pictures - that’s what I have :slight_smile:

I believe with Opera you can also log into any computer & with one password its like you are using your own - due to the fact you can have all your own speed dials in front of you.

Mozilla al the way here.

Firefox but the 2.xx Version, V3.xx sucks