Google Help!

I have one heck of a google mess, I need to speak to someone that can help me untangle this knot! It’s very difficult to explain.

Maybe give a little more info to start. So people can get some kind of idea.

Seems a little to general to get a possible answer. imho

cheers john

Alright. I know [U]exactly[/U] what to do.

But it’s difficult to explain…


My name is Eric Decker, I had a business partner named Severn Harper. We had 2 locations, one in Evansville and one in Columbus Indiana. He set up the Google accounts for both locations. We have since separated. He now owns the Columbus location and I own the Evansville location. We have our own contact info and websites. For the Evansville location he made me a manager on the google account so I could change the info. I got my verification code and made the changes and everything was fine. He did the same for his Columbus account. When he changed his info, he was flagged and the Evansville info became a combination of mine and his information. He then deleted the Google plus page and he was completely taken off of Maps in Columbus and I moved to first position with the wrong phone number and the correct address.

I posted the details as best as I can. It would be easier to explain on the phone (maybe)

Google is cracking down on businesses with multiple locations that do not really exist… If you are both operating with the same business name, google probably thought it was a duplicate, especially if your address is a PO box, or something of that nature…

You should just create your own location with your own google account, that way only you have access to it…

I had to call (actually they call you) Google last week, they were very helpful. Just hit the “Call Us” button at the top.


We were hoping to fix it by transferring Google account ownership. I just deleted my Google account, and it took my google maps listing back to where it was before verification. Now he is going to delete his account. That should remove my company from the listing. I will then create a new account and start over. I was hoping there would be a way to avoid all of that. Apparently not.