Google Local Business Center

I know you’re not suppose to, but … does anyone have multiple locations set for Google maps in the Local Business Center? I don’t show up in the 10 spot for many location we service, but I need to (and we’re too far geographically to be in those top spots).

I do it. Why are we not allowed to?

Probably because they consider spam in some way, shape, or form. Google feels that if you’re relevant for a local search their algorithm will include you. But their algorithm sucks … I have non cleaning related businesses showing up before me in certain areas for “window cleaning.”

Don’t mess with Google … and I’m not joking.
If they decide to penalize you, you’ll have to work HARD to go back in the game.

They allow up to three locations, all locations after that they will send a confirmation letter confirming that you do business at that address.

You can get creative if you want to, but i think that all foul-play will be caught in the long-run by the almighty google…

Good to know. I think I have three or four locations.

The number of reviews you have (not quality) is something that is looked at as well.

So how many locations do you have?